Gift Ideas For Couples

  • Candy G-String

    Candy G-String

    Drive your partner wild by appealing to their sweet tooth with this delectable candy G-String. These sensual undies are made entirely out of little heart-shaped multi-colored hard candies perfect for spicing things up in the bedroom.

  • I Will Murder You Card

    I Will Murder You Card

    Who better to help you out in your love life than dear old Jason Voorhees? This horrifyingly sweet “I Will Murder You” card depicts Jason dressed in his best hockey mask while holding a romantic card and a lovely bouquet instead of his usual blood-soaked machete.

  • Death Star Engagement Ring Box

    Death Star Engagement Ring Box

    What better way for a loyal Imperialist to pop the big question than by using this Death Star engagement ring box?! This masterfully made and detailed ring box accurately depicts The Empire’s deadliest weapon and can be 3D printed in either plastic or metal.

  • The Cuddling Pillow

    The Cuddling Pillow

    Coodle is the cuddling pillow that lets you sleep in a more comfortable position without having your arm fall asleep. The bridge shape of the pillow allows your partner to rest their head on top of your arm without your arm becoming trapped.

  • Date Ideas Personalized Jar

    Date Ideas Personalized Jar

    Keep your relationship fun and exciting with activities from this date ideas personalized jar. Each little jar comes with a quaint custom label displaying the couple’s names and is filled with 15 tokens – each with a date idea for you and your sweetie to enjoy together.

  • Cordless Heated Stadium Blanket

    Cordless Heated Stadium Blanket

    Stay warm and cozy on cold game days by wrapping yourself up in this cordless heated stadium blanket. This large blanket comes with a lightweight built-in battery pack that quickly heats up the blanket to temperatures of 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Meteorite Shavings Wedding Ring

    Meteorite Shavings Wedding Ring

    Why settle for gold or silver when you can really make a statement by wearing this meteorite shavings wedding ring? Each ring is hand-made from aerospace-grade carbon fiber with meteorite shavings and blue and green opal inlays that make the ring pop.

  • Unsolicited Dick Pics Card

    Unsolicited Dick Pics Card

    In today’s shallow app-driven dating scene chivalry is a rare trait. Show your sweetheart how much you appreciate the gentlemanly behavior and restraint he showed at the beginning of your relationship with this unsolicited dick pics card.

  • Game Of Thrones Long Shaft Dildo

    Game Of Thrones Long Shaft Dildo

    Brace yourselves, winter is cumming! Based on the iconic Longclaw sword, this Gamed Of Thrones Long Shaft dildo is made from the highest quality Valyrian silicone rubber – unfortunately though it won’t be wielded by Jon Snow’s rugged yet capable hands.

  • Ring For Sex Bell

    Ring For Sex Bell

    Get hot steamy lovin’ whenever the mood strikes by simply giving the “ring for sex” bells a few swings. This tiny red bell comes printed with the word “sex” on its provocative surface so that your indentured love servant knows just when to quench your sexual thirst.

  • Floating Platform Bed Frame

    Floating Platform Bed Frame

    Give your bedroom a futuristic vibe by sleeping atop this floating platform bed frame. Handmade from solid wood, it can be made to fit any size mattress, it’s outfitted with two accompanying floating nightstand at each side, and is customized with neon lights for an incredible look.

  • Beetlejuice Adam & Barbara Masks

    Beetlejuice Adam & Barbara Masks

    This Halloween, one-up every couple in your town – and the afterlife – by dressing up in these Beetlejuice Adam and Barbara masks. These freaky masks are modeled on the ghoulish faces created by the Maitland’s in their attempt to scare the Deetz family away from their home.