Gift Ideas For Girlfriend

  • Beats Solo Pro Headphones

    Beats Solo Pro Headphones

    Immerse yourself completely in your music with the Beats Solo Pro headphones. These high-end headphones feature active noise cancelling to block out external noise and boast an advanced acoustic system that will deliver rich sound with balanced tonality.

  • Jumbo Penis Body Pillow

    Jumbo Penis Body Pillow

    One night with this jumbo penis body pillow and you’ll never want to go back to your old pillow. This playful and lovable dick features a magnificently soft and girthy four foot long shaft along with two plump testes that will cradle head and neck while your relax in comfort.

  • Skull Handbag

    Skull Handbag

    Whether you’re heading out for a night on the town or a Halloween party, this incredibly stylish skull handbag is the perfect accessory. This fashionable and sinister looking handbag features a chic all-black design and opens up at the top of the skull via a handy zipper.

  • Side Sleep Boob Support Pillow

    Side Sleep Boob Support Pillow

    Sleep more comfortably than ever by slipping this side sleep boob support pillow in between the twins. Designed for side sleepers with C-cup breasts and above, it helps prevent wrinkles with repeated use and is ideal for post surgery and pregnancy cases.

  • Glow In The Dark Hair Dye

    Glow In The Dark Hair Dye

    Shine bright in the dead of night by giving yourself a makeover with this glow in the dark hair dye. This peroxide and ammonia-free vegan friendly dye comes in a range of vibrant colors that come to life under UV lighting.

  • Make Your Own Neon Sign

    Make Your Own Neon Sign

    Class up your home bar’s appearance by personalizing it with your very own neon sign. Available in either a neon pink or neon blue hue, each box comes with over nine feet of flexible fixing wire that you can bend and cut into any design that you want.

  • Mermaid Tights

    Mermaid Tights

    Add brilliant color to your outfit by transforming your plain legs into gorgeous mermaid fins by slipping into a pair of these tights. They feature whimsical pastel color schemes and are decorated with brightly colored accents that resemble scales.

  • Spray-On Pumpkin Spice

    Spray-On Pumpkin Spice

    Make your dishes and baked goods more mouth-watering than ever by adding some spray-on pumpkin spice into the mix. This dry spice alternative spray features no chemical additives and can be sprayed on everything from pancakes to muffins to cookies.

  • The Germaphobe’s Keychain

    The Germaphobe’s Keychain

    Cut down on your total daily hand washes by keeping your fingers from touching germ-infested public property with the germaphobe’s keychain. It allows you to quickly slip your fingers inside and avoid having to touch disgusting things like door handles and bus poles.

  • The Original Tamagotchi

    The Original Tamagotchi

    Give your sad solitary life some meaning and joy by pouring your heart and soul into caring for your little Tamagotchi pet. Famed toymaker Bandai has re-released the Original Tamogatchi – only this time they’re half the size of the original!

  • Mermaid Fin Socks

    Mermaid Fin Socks

    Transform your plain old human legs into a wonderful mermaid tail by wearing these mermaid fin socks. These vibrant polyester socks come emblazoned with an eye-catching graphic that creates the illusion of a lovely mermaid tail when you place your legs side by side.

  • Night Time Heat Free Hair Curlers

    Night Time Heat Free Hair Curlers

    Give your straight locks some much needed volume without harming your hair by going to bed with these night time heat free hair curlers. Simply wrap your hair around these extra-absorbent, memory-foam core curlers to wake up with magnificent curls in the morning.