Gift Ideas For Men

  • Diseases Caused By Masturbation Book

    Diseases Caused By Masturbation Book

    At long last, the terrifying truth has been revealed! Originally published in 1760 – an age of enlightenment and scientific advancement – Diseases Caused By Masturbation is a medical treatise that examines the horrific side-affects that occur from diddling yourself!

  • Ultra Fast Defrosting Tray

    Ultra Fast Defrosting Tray

    Defrost rock solid slabs of meat in mere minutes by setting them on top of the ultra fast defrosting tray. The thermal conductive material of the tray dramatically speeds up the thawing process so your meat and poultry are ready to cook when you need them.

  • Ultimate Party Travel Guide

    Ultimate Party Travel Guide

    Life is too short to spend sober – that’s why the Ultimate Party Travel Guide is here to show you the best party spots on the planet. From pub crawls to beach parties, the guide shows you over 100 of the world’s best places to get completely wasted.

  • Push Up Training System

    Push Up Training System

    Build the panty dropping chest, guns, and back muscles you’ve always dreamed off by working out with the push up training system. The specially color coded wooden board helps you keep proper form as you sculpt your body like Michelangelo.

  • The Flying Fuck

    The Flying Fuck

    For the first time in the history of man, you can actually give a flying fuck! While not exactly the most precise of helicopters, the remote control flying fuck is perfect for those special moments when a verbally spoken curse word just won’t suffice.

  • Boobs Coloring Book

    Boobs Coloring Book

    The boobs coloring book allows you to stare at magnificent pairs of breasts for hours on end without being called a pervert – in fact, you might even receive artistic praise for it. You’ll have page after page of busty material so you can color to your hearts content.

  • Facial Hair Growth Supplement

    Facial Hair Growth Supplement

    Easily transform your patchy prepubescent stubble into a mane of manliness by taking this facial hair growth supplement. The supplement features an all-natural proprietary formula that provides fast acting hair growth – making it perfect for lumbersexuals.

  • Credit Card Sized Toolkit

    Credit Card Sized Toolkit

    This pocket size toolkit is as thin as a credit card so it can easily fit in your wallet. Aside from being as thin as a credit card, this toolkit includes a knife, compass, magnification lens, tweezers, screwdriver, bottle opener, and a toothpick!

  • Penis Soap

    Penis Soap

    Experience a hole new level of cleanliness by giving your unit a thorough cleaning using this penis soap. The design features a one-size-fits-most hole you insert your penis into so you can receive an extensive and stimulating cleansing

  • World’s Strongest Coffee

    World’s Strongest Coffee

    Hard drugs just became obsolete – introducing the world’s strongest coffee. Perfect for those extra busy days, this powerful roast is 200% stronger than regular blends and can keep you up for 3 days straight, as long as you don’t mind the occasional heart attack.

  • How To Live With A Huge Penis

    How To Live With A Huge Penis

    Being hung like a horse is a curse few understand. Learn how to cope with your gargantuan gonzo with this helpful guide. It comes filled with prayers, daily affirmations, and thoughtful quotes to help manage day-to-day life with your magnum dong.