Gift Ideas For Men

  • Capacity Meter Display Flash Drive

    Capacity Meter Display Flash Drive

    The capacity meter display flash drive makes it possible to see how much free space you have without having to plug it in. Compatible with both Macs and PCs, the drive features an always-on display at the front display the drive’s current storage capacity.

  • Mashable Enter Key Plush

    Mashable Enter Key Plush

    Help keep stress levels low while you work by taking out your frustration and anger on this mashable enter key plush. This functional enter key throw pillow connects your PC via USB and contains a giant puffy sponge inside so that you can smash it as hard as you want.

  • HP Pavilion Wave Speaker Shaped PC

    HP Pavilion Wave Speaker Shaped PC

    Give your workstation/home entertainment system a facelift with the HP Pavilion Wave speaker shaped PC. This fully-functional computer provides excellent sound along with features like 4K output, a built-in mic, USB ports, Bluetooth, and Gigabit Ethernet.

  • Colorware Retro MacBook

    Colorware Retro MacBook

    Enjoy the benefits of new school technology with old school flair with this retro styled MacBook. The exterior boasts a 1980s theme including the iconic logo and faux vents along the sides, while the interior features an Intel Core m7, 8GB of RAM, and 512 GB of storage.

  • Standing Desk Chair Attachment

    Standing Desk Chair Attachment

    Transform nearly any chair into a trusty workstation using this standing desk chair attachment. It requires no assembly, comes with a handy phone holder, and can be adjusted in both height and angle so you can work in total comfort.

  • Spillproof iPad Keyboard

    Spillproof iPad Keyboard

    Turn your iPad into a portable desktop computer instantly using this spillproof iPad keyboard. The slender design fits easily in your backpack or purse, while the durable fabric skin over the keys protects it from spills, crumbs, and other minor drops.

  • Vertical Second Monitor Laptop Stand

    Vertical Second Monitor Laptop Stand

    Reduce desk clutter without sacrificing productivity by outfitting your PC with this vertical second monitor laptop stand. It features a highly portable tri-fold design and maintains the monitor at eye level so you can work more comfortably and efficiently.

  • Retro Mac Aquarium

    Retro Mac Aquarium

    Give your pet fish a new aquarium to “think different” in with this retro Mac aquarium. Using recycled Apple iMac as the case, these relics of geekery are transformed into fully functioning aquariums and look great in a Mac-aholics office or bedroom.

  • Android Phone Powered Laptop

    Android Phone Powered Laptop

    Turn your Android into a full fledged laptop for under a hundred dollars! This Android phone powered laptop acts as a shell equipped with a keyboard, a multi-track touch pad, and a screen that you plug your phone into via USB to unleash it’s full computing potential.

  • Python MacBook Case

    Python MacBook Case

    Turn your MacBook into the focal point at any coffee shop you enter by placing it in this python MacBook case. It sports a tough polycarbonate structure and is covered with genuine python skin that is available in one of three eye-catching hues.

  • Beyonce Mousepad

    Beyonce Mousepad

    Simply flawless is what you’ll say upon seeing Queen B at her finest moment on this Beyoncé mousepad. It is made using a special process to ensure the image captured during her Superbowl performance will never fade – despite her publicist’s best efforts.

  • Tiny Tower Laptop Stand

    Tiny Tower Laptop Stand

    Create a natural and more comfortable workstation while you’re on the go by placing your PC on the tiny tower laptop stand. It features a sleek aluminum construction, is height adjustable, fits up to 15″ laptops, and folds down in 5 just seconds.