Gift Ideas For Pets

  • Personalized Noble Pet Portraits

    Personalized Noble Pet Portraits

    Immortalize and turn your pet into a royal masterpiece and let it hang proudly on your wall! To celebrate your furry friends, there’s over 50 designs that you can choose from. Simply upload your pet’s photo and the portrait artists do the rest!

  • World’s Ugliest Pet Hair Remover

    World’s Ugliest Pet Hair Remover

    The world’s ugliest pet hair remover may not look pretty, but god damn it sure is effective at doing its job. This turd-styled cleaner will easily help you sweep away pet fur from your carpet, furniture and even your car’s interior.

  • Custom Pet Canvas Portraits

    Custom Pet Canvas Portraits

    Show the world how much you love your pet by adding some style to your plain walls with one of these custom pet canvas portraits. Apart from a framed print, you can also choose to have you pet’s likeness immortalized on everything from coffee mugs to comfy pillows.

  • Spaceship Cat Beds

    Spaceship Cat Beds

    These quirky spaceship cat beds are the perfect place for your feline overlord to gaze over his vast domain in total comfort. Offering a spectacular view for your kitty, this small cylinder provides ample ventilation and can either be mounted onto the wall or placed on a stand.

  • Donald Trump Dog Costume

    Donald Trump Dog Costume

    No matter what side of the political spectrum you find yourself on, everyone will agree this Donald Trump dog costume will make your pooch great again. Your furry friend will look simply dashing in his totally natural looking blonde toupe and American flag tie.

  • the Purrfect Cat Box

    The Purrfect Cat Box

    Stop wasting money on fancy furniture for your feline – science has proven with utmost certainty that cats love corrugated cardboard boxes above everything else – even you. They’re decorated with a lovely geometric design that will add style to your room.

  • Hot Dog Pet Bed

    Hot Dog Pet Bed

    Keep your little furball in total comfort while they lounge around the house by getting them this comfy hot dog pet bed. This adorable little hot dog shaped bed sports two soft and fluffy bun cushions in addition to a removable and washable cushion.

  • 360 Degree Dog Washer

    360 Degree Dog Washer

    Washing all the dirt and grime off Rover has never been easier than with the 360 degree dog washer. Simply add soap and connect to the hose and a string of water jets will wash every inch of filth off of your pup in less than a minute.

  • Bristly Toothbrush For Dogs

    Bristly Toothbrush For Dogs

    Bristly is the toothbrush for dogs that makes it remarkably convenient to keep your canine’s chompers clean and healthy. Made from highly durable natural rubber, it features a delightful meat flavor that will encourage your dog to want to brush regularly.

  • Dog Goodies Subscription Box

    Dog Goodies Subscription Box

    Keep your four legged friend happier than ever by keeping their snack bar fully stocked by subscribing to this monthly dog goodies box. The service lets you cater the package depending on the size of your pooch and brings a mix of delicious treats and fun toys.

  • Car Window Safeguard For Dogs

    Car Window Safeguard For Dogs

    Keep your canine companion safe without denying them the feel and freedom of the open road by outfitting your ride with this car window safeguard for dogs. It fits snugly over the rear car window so that your pooch can safely stick their head out of the car while it’s moving.

  • Chicken Harness And Leash

    Chicken Harness And Leash

    It’s a known fact that a chicken can outrun the average human. So keep your pet poultry from running off when you two hit the town by using this chicken harness and leash. It’s perfect for keeping your feathered friend close by without causing them discomfort.