• Yamaha Wabash Adventure Gravel E-Bike

    Yamaha Wabash Adventure Gravel E-Bike

    No matter that excursion you have in mind, the Yamaha Wabash adventure gravel E-bike will handle it with ease. It boasts a 500-watt battery, an electric drive system with 4 levels of pedal assist, and an on-board display that provides pertinent riding info like speed and distance.

  • Arc Vector Advanced Electric Motorcycle

    Arc Vector Advanced Electric Motorcycle

    The Arc Vector is the world’s most advanced electric motorcycle! The bike is comprised of three parts – the motorcycle itself, a smart helmet with on-board HUD, and haptic body armor that can vibrate to physically alert you of possible hazards on the road.

  • Hoversurf Hoverbike

    Hoversurf Hoverbike

    Hoversurf is breaking the mold with their new eye-catching Hoverbike. This astonishing aircraft can fly at heights of 16 feet for a period of up to 25 minutes and features a drone-like design with a body and driver experience similar to a personal water craft.

  • 1966 Batmobile

    1966 Batmobile

    Holy hotrod Batman, the 1966 Batmobile is up for auction! Auto-enthusiast Jim Semershein transformed this 1959 Thunderbird into such a convincing replica of the iconic Batmobile that the original Batmobile designer George Barris granted this replica the status of original.

  • Pokemon Poke Ball Pet Carrier Backpack

    Pokemon Poke Ball Pet Carrier Backpack

    Feel like a trainer toting around their top Pokemon by placing your little furry friend inside this Poke Ball pet carrier backpack. It comes with a clear bubble window, ventilation holes at the bottom, and is large enough for small pets in between 4-5 kg.

  • Baby Batman Walker

    Baby Batman Walker

    Ensure your pint-sized Caped Crusader moves around the house in style by placing him inside this baby Batman walker. Modeled after the iconic Batmobile, it features an easy-swivel steering wheel and gear shifter in addition to flashing lights and cool sound effects.

  • Harry Potter Inspired Tea Potions

    Harry Potter Inspired Tea Potions

    Make tea-time more magical than ever for your favorite muggle by gifting them these Harry Potter inspired tea potions. The set comes with flavors like dragon’s blood, phoenix tears, and wolfsbane – each packaged inside transparent glass test tubes with cork stoppers.

  • Harry Potter House Wax Seals

    Harry Potter House Wax Seals

    Add some whimsy to your boring muggle documents by sealing them using one of these Harry Potter house wax seals. Each diecast metal seal sports the house mascot and shield and comes available in a Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, or Slytherin design.

  • Harry Potter Skulls

    Harry Potter Skulls

    A skull for each house (PLUS a Hogwarts Graduation Skull) carved from a replica of a real human skull by master skull carver Zane Wylie. Pictured is the Peruvian Elongated Skull Carved for Death Eaters. Signed & Numbered. 18% OFF for Hardcore Fans!

  • Minecraft Torch USB Wall Charger

    Minecraft Torch USB Wall Charger

    Juice up your devices in the geekiest way possible by plugging them into this Minecraft torch USB wall charger. Apart from its colorful pixelated design, the charger comes with 2 USB outputs and a small torch that lights up while you’re charging your devices.

  • Shelby Legendary Cars

    Shelby Legendary Cars

    Shelby Legendary Cars is giving you a chance to own a piece of automotive history by bringing back two iconic models – the Shelby Cobra Daytona and the Shelby FIA Cobra. Each of the 50 cars produced for this limited series will bear a CSX2000 Shelby serial number.

  • Ariel Atom 4

    Ariel Atom 4

    Transform any empty road into your own personal playground by hitting the pavement behind the wheel of the Ariel Atom 4. It features an incredibly strong yet lightweight chassis, and boasts a 306 horsepower motor that tops out at a respectable 162 miles per hour.