• Princess Leia Barbie

    Princess Leia Barbie

    If your little girl loves sci-fi flicks just as must as she loves playing with dolls, she’s sure to love this Princess Leia Barbie. Inspired by the beloved character, Barbie comes dressed in a long flowing white dress and features Leia’s iconic double bun hairstyle.

  • Batman Tactical Armor Kit

    Batman Tactical Armor Kit

    Make your Batman cospaly look as authentic as possible by topping off your outfit with this Batman tactical armor kit. Every piece is tailor made to ensure a perfect fit and comes with everything from leg plates to a chest plate displaying the iconic Bat signal.

  • Pokemon Poke Ball Terrarium

    Pokemon Poke Ball Terrarium

    Give the Pokemon fan in your life something to smile about by surprising them with this Pokemon Poke Ball terrarium. This geeky terrarium comes stuffed with an assortment of tiny Pokemon along with small LEDs that give it a warm and inviting glow.

  • Game Of Thrones Infinity Beer Pong Table

    Game Of Thrones Infinity Beer Pong Table

    Get drunk and end the final disappointing season off with this Game Of Thrones themed infinity beer pong table. The Starks and Targaryen custom infinity beer pong table will light up the party during the long night and keep the terrors at bay.

  • Star Trek Mood Light Rock

    Star Trek Mood Light Rock

    Recreate one of the most memorable scenes in the original Star Trek series using this handpainted mood light lock. Just like in the episode “The Enemy Within”, you’ll be able to use your Type-1 phaser to “heat” the rock, thus creating some quaint ambient lighting.

  • Rick And Morty vs. Dungeons & Dragons

    Rick And Morty vs. Dungeons & Dragons

    Go on the adventure of a lifetime with Rick and Morty vs. Dungeons & Dragons. In this epic crossover, Rick and the Smith clan are pulled into a D&D campaign that escalates from virtual simulations into alternate universes that are governed by the rules of the game.

  • Snorlax Cosplay Costume

    Snorlax Cosplay Costume

    Make a big splash at the next convention you attend by dressing up as the larger-than-life Snorlax. With these digital patterns and a little bit of work, you’ll be able to fashion yourself or your kid an eye-catching Snorlax costume.

  • Valyrian Steel Shaving Razors

    Valyrian Steel Shaving Razors

    Careful your grace, nothing cuts quite like Valyrian steel. These masterfully crafted face swords come equipped with top-notch razors what never go dull and are available in Game Of Thrones themed designs like Jon Snow’s Longclaw and Arya’s dagger.

  • Pokémon Charizard Lounger

    Pokémon Charizard Lounger

    Become the living embodiment of your favorite fire type Pokemon by jumping into this Pokemon Charizard lounger. This zany and incredibly comfy getup comes with cool accents like a face sewn onto the hood and imposing 5 foot wide wings sewn onto the arms.

  • Breaking Bad TV Prop Auction

    Breaking Bad TV Prop Auction

    Breaking Bad may be long gone but luckily you can still get you hands on Heisenberg’s best stuff. Prop store is auctioning off a large ziplock bag chock-full of the blue stuff, which is comprised of various sizes and shades of crystallized rock candy that has been dyed blue.

  • Sansa Stark Cosplay Dress

    Sansa Stark Cosplay Dress

    Transform yourself into the Lady of Winterfell by slipping into this Sansa Stark cosplay dress. This exquisite garment is hand-tailored to your specific measurements to ensure a perfect fit and is modeled on Sansa Stark’s all-black getup from season 7.

  • Hollywood Dream Machines Exhibition

    Hollywood Dream Machines Exhibition

    Pop culture’s most iconic visions of dystopian, utopian, and other sci-fi worlds come to life in the Hollywood Dream Machines Exhibition. It will showcase iconic movie vehicles like the DeLorean time machine, the 2035 Audi RSQ from I, Robot, and multiple Batmobiles.