Legend of Zelda

  • The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia

    The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia

    Learn everything you ever wanted to know about your favorite game by cracking open The Legend of Zelda encyclopedia. This riveting compendium examines everything from enemies and items to maps and main characters in addition to concept art and more!

  • Zelda Master Sword Lamp

    Zelda Master Sword Lamp

    Illuminate your bedroom while keeping evil at bay with the Zelda Master Sword lamp. This USB and battery powered little light stands 12-inches tall and turns on and off when you push the Triforce logo at the center of the base.

  • Zelda Divine Beast Lantern

    Zelda Divine Beast Lantern

    What better way for a gamer to give their home some enchanting ambient lighting than with this Zelda Breath of the Wild Divine Beast lantern. Each face of the cube displays a different hand sketched and laser cut image inspired by the classic game.

  • Breath Of The Wild Shield Backpack

    Breath Of The Wild Shield Backpack

    Look like Hyrule’s iconic hero on your way to school by carrying stuff in this Breath of the Wild shield backpack. Modeled after the Traveler’s Shield from the Breath of the Wild game, it offers ample room so you can fit everything from your laptop to your school books.

  • Zelda Guardian Sword

    Zelda Guardian Sword

    Add authenticity to your Legend of Zelda cosplay by topping it off with your very own Zelda Guardian sword. This stunning handcrafted prop measures 32 inches long and is outfitted with built-in neo pixel LEDs that bring the entire sword to life.

  • Zelda Sheikah Slate Phone Case

    Zelda Sheikah Slate Phone Case

    Transform your smartphone into the multipurpose tool brandished by Link in the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild video game – the Sheikah Slate. The case is made from sturdy flat plastic, and fits over a wide variety of Galaxy and iPhone models.

  • Zelda Themed Nintendo Switch

    Zelda Themed Nintendo Switch

    Become the envy of all your gaming buddies by playing Link’s latest adventure on this Zelda themed Nintendo Switch. Modeled after Breath of the Wild, the console is intricately decorated with real wood surfaces and chiseled brass trim to create an incredibly realistic look.

  • Zelda Heart Container Pendant

    Zelda Heart Container Pendant

    Increase your HP on your next adventure by putting on this Zelda heart container pendant. Modeled after The Twilight Princess, each handmade pendant features game-accurate detailing and is complemented with a Swarovski glass heart.

  • Electronic Ocarina Of Time

    Electronic Ocarina Of Time

    Become the greatest musician outside of Hyrule by playing some enchanting melodies on this electronic Ocarina of Time. The “classic” mode plays a prerecorded tune, while the “free-play” mode allows you to create your own melodies.

  • Breath Of The Wild Master Sword

    Breath Of The Wild Master Sword

    While it may not help you take down Calamity Ganon, this Breath of the Wild Master Sword replica will put a killer touch on your Link cosplay. This handmade sword is expertly crafted in the image of the sword featured on the game’s title art.

  • Princess Zelda Crochet Costume

    Princess Zelda Crochet Costume

    Get your little princess into cosplay from an early age by transforming her into video game royalty with the Princess Zelda crochet costume. This darling ensemble is hand tailored and can be worn by children ranging from ages 2-4.

  • Zelda Nintendo Drink Cartridge

    Zelda Nintendo Drink Cartridge

    Kick it old school while you hydrate by sipping your beverage from this Zelda Nintendo drink cartridge. Inspired by the iconic NES game, this retro styled drink receptacle features a glorious golden hue, classic Zelda detailing, and a handy straw port.