• Tetris Block Cushions

    Tetris Block Cushions

    Arrange the perfect spot to relax in while gaming or just lounging about by using these vibrantly colored Tetris block cushions. Each pillow is handmade from polyester and is designed like the blocks from the iconic arcade game.

  • Tetris Stress Blocks

    Tetris Stress Blocks

    After a hard fought game of Tetris, get your revenge by squeezing the life out of these stress blocks. The blocks are colorful stress balls shaped like the famous little tetrinimos we all love to hate – especially the straight block who never shows up when you need him.

  • Tetris Cookie Cutters

    Tetris Cookie Cutters

    Take your love of gaming to delicious new levels when you use the Tetris cookie cutters to make your tasty treats. The cookie cutters come shaped like all the classic Tetris pieces, perfect for placing a creative and retro spin on snack time.

  • Tetris 3D Pillows

    Tetris 3D Pillows

    Give your bedroom a bit of gamer flair with these ultra comfy Tetris 3D pillows. These officially licensed pillows feature extremely vibrant colors designed in five different classic shapes, and are machine washable so you can always keep them looking fresh.

  • Tetris Sandwich Mold

    Tetris Sandwich Mold

    Combine lunchtime with playtime when you prepare your kids a tasty sandwich using the tetris sandwich mold. This amusing mold splits the sandwich into several tetris pieces that make it easier to eat as well as fun to play with when mom isn’t looking.

  • Tetris Cookie Cutters

    Tetris Cookie Cutters

    Turn snack time into game time the next time you bake a batch of treats using the Tetris cookie cutters. These officially licensed cookie cutters come in all the classic shapes and provide a great way for sharpening up your Tetris skills in a stress free environment.

  • Tetris Ice Cube Tray

    Tetris Ice Cube Tray

    Cool your drink down with the building blocks of Tetris. This ice cube tray lets you create pieces of ice in the shape of Tetris blocks, so you can combine them in the most space efficient manner to fit as many ice cubes in your drink as possible.

  • Tetris Sandwich Molds

    Tetris Sandwich Molds

    Turn lunchtime into playtime when you serve up a tasty meal with help from the Tetris sandwich molds. By simply placing the mold over the bread and pressing down, it cuts the sandwich into differently shaped Tetris pieces you can actually play with.

  • Tetris Shaped Sticky Notes

    Tetris Shaped Sticky Notes

    Liven up your workstation by showing off your geeky gamer side with these Tetris shaped sticky notes. Why settle for boring and played out Post-its when you can have vibrant colors and different shapes you can play with during the day?

  • Tetris Alarm Clock

    Tetris Alarm Clock

    Give your room a touch of geeky gamer flair by waking up using this Tetris alarm clock. Inspired by the classic game, this digital alarm clock employs the game’s unique falling blocks motif to display the hour and minutes in a fun fashion.

  • Tetris Refrigerator Magnets

    Tetris Refrigerator Magnets

    Turn any fridge door into an instant arcade by replacing all existing magnets with the Tetris refrigerator magnets. These colorful magnets are shaped like the different Tetris pieces – so you can play a quick game as you stare at the fridge and realize there is nothing to eat.

  • Connect Four Tetris Game

    Connect Four Tetris Game

    Imagine a world in which Tetris and Connect Four could be married and produce offspring in the form of a tabletop game — well, that world is real, and the Connect Four Tetris game truly exists. It is called Tetris Link – it is addictive, interactive, and fun for the whole family.