Gift Ideas 2018

  • Aquio Water Bottle Speaker

    Aquio Water Bottle Speaker

    Keep the tunes bumping all day long by staying hydrated with the Aquio water bottle speaker. It features a double-wall steel insulated design that’ll keep your water cool for hours and comes with a small yet powerful speaker attached at the base.

  • Dukes of Hazzard Movie Stunt Car

    Dukes of Hazzard Movie Stunt Car

    Cause some good ole Hazzard County style trouble in your neck of the woods with this Dukes of Hazzard movie stunt car. This iconic ride from the 2005 flick boasts an 83 CI V-8 Magnum engine, a 4-speed manual transmission, and 10-spoke turbine wheels.

  • The Ultimate Gardening Tool

    The Ultimate Gardening Tool

    Whether you need to weed, dig, cut, or break through roots, the ultimate gardening tool is up for the job. It comes with both a straight and serrated blade topped off with a handy bottle opener and a wooden handle with a metal end cap perfect for compacting soil.

  • The World’s Most Elegant Water Bottle

    The World’s Most Elegant Water Bottle

    Hashy is the reusable insulated stainless steel water bottle. Inspired by premium perfume bottles, it is elegantly designed to keep you hydrated all day, keeping beverages hot or cold for hours thanks to its vacuum insulation.

  • This Book Is A Camera

    This Book Is A Camera

    If you’ve been bit by the shutterbug, This Book Is A Camera is a must-have! It comes with a working pop-up 4″ x 5″ pinhole lens camera that helps demonstrate how it can tap into the intrinsic properties of light to produce a photograph.

  • Goose Motorcycle Tent

    Goose Motorcycle Tent

    The Goose motorcycle tent is the all-in-one solution for the biker who loves life on the open road. It solves the issue many bikers face while preparing for a long journey by offering shelter for both you and your bike in a compact package that can easily be transported.

  • The World’s Safest Bike Helmet

    The World’s Safest Bike Helmet

    Minimize the risk of serious head trauma if you fall off your ride by making sure the world’s safest bike helmet is firmly strapped on. The innovative design features layers of WaveCel material that flex independently to absorb both direct and rotational energy from impacts.

  • Fortel Transforming Knife

    Fortel Transforming Knife

    The Fortel transforming knife is part weapon, part tool, part utensil, and 100% useful. This curious knife comes in a baton-styled sheath the lifts off to reveal a razor sharp blade on one end and two metallic prongs on the other end so you use them as a fork and knife combo.

  • Brawling Wrestlers Windshield Wipers

    Brawling Wrestlers Windshield Wipers

    Treat everyone driving behind you to an action-packed wrestling match by outfitting your ride with these brawling wrestlers windshield wipers. The hilarious and clever design of these wipers makes them the perfect car accessory for anyone who loves lucha libre!

  • Makeblock DIY Ultimate Robot Kit

    Makeblock DIY Ultimate Robot Kit

    With the Makeblock DIY Ultimate Robot Kit you’ll be able to build your very own roving robot! The kit includes over 160 separate parts along with step-by-step assembly guides that show you how to construct ten different designs including a robotic bartender.

  • Wine Lip Scrub

    Wine Lip Scrub

    Keep your luscious lips soft and healthy while indulging in your love of vino with this handmade wine lip scrub. This custom scrub features an intoxicatingly delicious scent and is made from soothing all-natural ingredients like beeswax and cocoa butter.

  • Surface & Air Purifying Disinfecting Spray

    Surface & Air Purifying Disinfecting Spray

    Minimize the chance of ruining your big trip with a cold by keeping this surface and air purifying disinfecting spray handy. This TSA-approved travel accessory is made from organic essential oils that have been shown to eliminate over 99.99% of surface bacteria.