Apocalypse Survival

  • Companion Emergency Survival System

    Companion Emergency Survival System

    Companion is the most advanced two-person emergency survival system on the planet. This adaptable and ultra compact pack comes loaded with everything that you’ll need to sustain yourself and someone else for the first 72 hours of any catastrophe.

  • The AR-15 Survival Magazine

    The AR-15 Survival Magazine

    Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome! The GY6 AR15 Survival Mag is the first and ONLY magazine to be combined with a Survival Kit. This unique survival mag holds 10 rounds of 5.56/.223 ammo, is 50 state legal, size of a 30 round mag, and contains a Survival Kit.

  • Vivos xPoint Survival Bunker

    Vivos xPoint Survival Bunker

    Ensure you live to see another day when the apocalypse inevitably arrives by hunkering down in a Vivos xPoint survival bunker. Each bunker offers 2,200 square feet of space and can be fully customized to your preferences for maximum comfort.

  • Sawback Tactical Bowie Knife

    Sawback Tactical Bowie Knife

    Upgrade your everyday carry by adding this sawback tactical Bowie knife to your collection. This ultra versatile folding knife boasts a razor sharp 3.5″ serrated stainless steel blade along with life-saving features like a glass breaker and a seatbelt cutter.