Gamer Essentials

  • Playstation Controller Soap Bar

    Playstation Controller Soap Bar

    What you’re looking at isn’t a real playstation controller, it’s a bar of soap! This playstation controller soap bar is “grape soda” scented and is made with high quality soap ingredients and is a great gift idea for the hygienically forgetful gamer.

  • Left 4 Dead Boomer Figurine

    Left 4 Dead Boomer Figurine

    Drop off the frighteningly realistic Left 4 Dead Boomer figurine in your home and watch as he infects the Barbies and G.I. Joes. The Boomer figurine is seven inches tall and as full of rage as ever; his guts burble and are detachable, and his belly hangs out gloriously.

  • Doom Plushie

    Doom Plushie

    Get nostalgic while you cuddle up with some of these downright menacing Doom inspired plushie one eyed monsters. With your choice of the Cacodemon or Pain Elemental, these geeky plushies will warm your heart while they also try to rip it out and eat it.

  • Day Of The Tentacle Figurine

    Day Of The Tentacle Figurine

    Pay tribute to one of the greatest point and click adventure video games ever made with this Day OF The Tentacle figurine. Created using a 3D printer, these awesome figurines are designed to look like the purple tentacle, making it a must have collectible for DOTT fans.

  • Doom Action Figure

    Doom Action Figure

    Add an iconic piece of video game history onto your collection with the Doom Action figure. The controversial image from the game’s cover comes to life as it’s skillfully recreated in stunning color and detail – complete with evil horned demons.

  • Tetris Pillow

    Tetris Pillow

    The crocheted Tetris pillow is shown here in the shape of the useful, yet infuriating, step-shaped Tetris piece. This piece could be guided on top of Tetris protrusions of any size. Guide it to the side of your sofa and either pummel it or cuddle it, depending on your mood.

  • League Of Legends Vi Fists

    League Of Legends Vi Fists

    Bring your favorite video game character to life by transforming yourself with these League of Legends Vi fists. They’re handmade from EVA foam and skillfully painted to achieve the highest level of realism, making them ideal for cosplay.

  • Super Metroid Stained Glass

    Super Metroid Stained Glass

    Bring new life to your gaming room when you install this Super Metroid stained glass. No detail was spared in creating this masterful stained glass modeled after the iconic Samus Aran in her orange Varia suit – making it an instant collectible for Metroid fans.

  • Bumper Car Steering Wheel

    Bumper Car Steering Wheel

    Get behind the steering wheel and experience the most thrilling and interactive race of your gaming career with the video game bumper car steering wheel. This re-purposed bumper car integrates high-tech specs into the retro frame to take racing games to new levels.

  • Sega Genesis iPhone Case

    Sega Genesis iPhone Case

    Kick it old school by protecting your precious phone using the Sega Genesis iPhone case. This retro case slides on quick and easy to provide some SEGA styled protection from scratches and falls while allowing full access to the touch screen.

  • Original Playstation Bag

    Original Playstation Bag

    Tote your gear around in style with this original Playstation bag. Inspired by the iconic gaming console, the bag replicates all the lines and contours of the original device perfectly and features heavily padded sides that make it great for transporting laptops.

  • Super Nintendo Cartridge Soap

    Super Nintendo Cartridge Soap

    The Super Nintendo cartridge soap is a great way to stay clean while complementing your gaming lifestyle. These brilliantly designed soaps are life-size replicas of the Super NES cartridges and feature some of the classic titles such as DK Country and Super Mario Kart.