Gamer Essentials

  • World Of Warcraft Horde Armory Chest

    World Of Warcraft Horde Armory Chest

    Pop the question to your significant other in true WoW fashion by storing the ring inside the World of Warcraft horde armory chest. The outside is modeled after the armory chests found in Azeroth while the inside features customized figures and unique detailing.

  • The Smartwatch For Gamers

    The Smartwatch For Gamers

    Experience portable gaming like never before by strapping on Gameband, the smartwatch for gamers. It’s made with a top-shelf processesor, features a AMOLED stunning display, and a powerful battery that’ll last for extended gaming sessions.

  • 3D Super Mario World Papercraft

    3D Super Mario World Papercraft

    Gain a new appreciation for the Mushroom Kingdom with this 3D Super Mario World papercraft. Mario and Luigi’s old stomping grounds have been perfectly recreated, allowing you to explore every inch of this magical land – including the hidden levels.

  • Video Game Character Quilts

    Video Game Character Quilts

    Hangout with all your old video game buddies every night when you snuggle up with one of these custom character quilts. These quilts comes in either a cotton or flannel fabric finish while showcasing a classic video game character in all their 8-bit glory.

  • R-Kaid Portable Game Console

    R-Kaid Portable Game Console

    Enjoy playing classic arcade games when you’re on the go using this R-Kaid portable game console. It features an elegant yet rugged solid wood exterior along with an 8″ LCD screen and an 8-way joystick and push buttons.

  • Super NES Cartridge Ring

    Super NES Cartridge Ring

    Wear your favorite games with the Super NES cartridge ring. These nostalgic handmade gems can be completely customized to resemble your favorite Super Nintendo title and look great with any outfit – making them the ultimate retro gamer fashion accessory.

  • GoldenEye 007 Remote Mine

    GoldenEye 007 Remote Mine

    Secure your home with the crème de la crème of 90s technology with the GoldenEye 007 remote mine. You’ll be arming your home with nostalgic weapons – equipped with working LEDs – faster than you can detonate them on your enemies.

  • Halo Master Chief Stained Glass

    Halo Master Chief Stained Glass

    Protect the weakest point of entry – the glass window – with one of the most decorated heroes of our generation with the Halo Master Chief. This handmade masterpiece features the legendary Master Chief standing guard, crafted out of roughly 200 pieces of glass.

  • Nintendo Power Glove

    Nintendo Power Glove

    Complement your stylish outfit like any fashion forward gamer would using this Nintendo Power Glove. It comes meticulously decorated with all the bells and whistles of the original and features built-in LEDs that actually light up upon wearing it.

  • Zerg Overlord Plush

    Zerg Overlord Plush

    Increase your food supply while upgrading your crafting skills when you spawn the Zerg Overlord plush sewing pattern. This cloaked unit detecting plushie can be crafted by virtually anyone with a sewing machine and is great for scouting the neighborhood for cheesers.

  • Animated Pixel Art Frame

    Animated Pixel Art Frame

    Showcase a variety of 8-bit works of art with the animated pixel art frame. This unique frame can be loaded up with hundreds of your favorite 8-bit video game characters and symbols – displaying them onto an LED lit screen for the world to see.

  • Steampunk Playstation 4 Case

    Steampunk Playstation 4 Case

    Give your high tech console a distinguished antique feel with this steampunk Playstation 4 case. Each one of these impressive cases is crafted from fine hardwoods – like mahogany and black walnut –  and is topped off with chrome, brass, and copper hardware.