Health & Fitness

  • Joby GorillaPod Camera Rig

    Joby GorillaPod Camera Rig

    Ensure you get the perfect shot every time by placing your camera on the Joby GorillaPod camera rig. It can accommodate both your camera and two additional devices and features a versatile ball and socket design that lets you stand it, wrap it, or grip it.

  • Night Visibility Safety Light Strip

    Night Visibility Safety Light Strip

    Ensure you’re seen by approaching traffic when you’re jogging or walking at night by equipping your shoes with this night visibility safety light strip. It comes with a replaceable battery and can be easily be attached to any shoe.

  • Faux Pas Reflective Cycling Jacket

    Avoid becoming roadkill during your next night ride by heading out in the Faux Pas reflective cycling jacket. This lightweight thermal jacket is made with a water-resistant and windproof fabric that is highly light sensitive so your entire torso lights up.

  • FightMaster Boxing Trainer

    FightMaster Boxing Trainer

    Get yourself in fighting shape from the comfort of home by incorporating the FightMaster boxing trainer into your workout routine. It comes with numbered target pads that allow you to practice any number of punch combinations.

  • Exercise Breast Support Band

    Exercise Breast Support Band

    Are your assets getting in the way of your sport and lifestyle activities? The Boobuddy was specifically developed to reduce vertical and lateral breast movement, preventing pain and sagging, and increasing overall sport confidence!

  • Indoor Bicycle Trainer

    Indoor Bicycle Trainer

    Keep yourself in top form without having to venture outside your home by hopping aboard this indoor bicycle trainer. This compact trainer will fulfill every one of your cardio needs while providing a realistic feel and hill climbing up to a 20 degree incline.

  • Battery-Free Bicycle Lights

    Battery-Free Bicycle Lights

    Create amazing visuals as you ride around town by lighting up the night with these battery-free bicycle lights. Every time you pedal, the lights move past the small frame mounted magnet that charges the capacitor to power the wheel mounted lights.

  • Exercise Rodeo Chair

    Exercise Rodeo Chair

    Improve your horseback riding from the comfort of home by hopping on top this exercise rodeo chair. This unique exercise machine employs random motion technology to deliver a sequence of rodeo-style movements that train and strengthen the lower body.

  • Water Filled Punching Bag

    Water Filled Punching Bag

    Give your training an added dose of realism by swapping out your outdated equipment for these water filled punching bags. The unique design of these water filled punching bags resembles the feeling of punching an actual human body.

  • Bicycle Seat Shock Absorber

    Bicycle Seat Shock Absorber

    Ensure the smoothest ride possible – even over bumpy terrain – by outfitting your bike with this bicycle seat shock absorber. This adjustable spring fits almost any bike on the market, absorbs shocks in three dimensions, and can handle as much as 485 lbs.

  • Portable Electric Bicycle Pump

    Portable Electric Bicycle Pump

    Fumpa is the portable electronic bicycle pump engineered for serious cyclists to ensure optimum performance when you ride. It’s compatible with both Presta and Schraeder valves and can fully inflate up to six tires on a single charge.

  • The Pivot Frame Plectocycle

    The Pivot Frame Plectocycle

    Feel like you’re back in the 19th century by getting atop the Pivot Frame Plectocycle. Inspired by the original 1884 model, it offers a remarkably smooth ride and is controlled by a right-hand lever that moves the wheels and a left-handed handle for the brakes.