Health & Fitness

  • Resistance Training Parachute

    Resistance Training Parachute

    Harness the power of wind drag to make yourself into the fastest being on two legs using the resistance training parachute. The parachute allows for limited mobility as it tears away the weakness in you and replaces it with increased stamina and acceleration.

  • Virtual Fighting Fitness Game

    Virtual Fighting Fitness Game

    Step into the future of physical training with the virtual fighting fitness game. This high-tech game comes equipped with a central monitor in addition to five strategically placed smaller pads designed to mimic realistic situations in order to get you into top fighting shape.

  • The Drunk Diet

    The Drunk Diet

    Get into the best shape of your short lived life when you embark on the self destructive journey outlined in the drunk diet. This diet will have you drinking, chugging, and snorting your way to a thinner you. You may die young, but at least you’ll look great.

  • Outdoor Elliptical Exercise Bicycle

    Outdoor Elliptical Exercise Bicycle

    The outdoor elliptical exercise bicycle combines the grueling workout you get at the gym with the unparalleled vistas mother nature has to offer. You’ll be able to trek around town in true style as you exercise your lower body while you get your cardio for the day.

  • Elevation Training Mask

    Elevation Training Mask

    Maximize your workout while looking like a serial killer with the elevation training mask. Training with the mask simulates the conditions of high altitudes, creating pulmonary resistance that strengthens your diaphragm, ultimately increasing your stamina and lung capacity.

  • Cardio Exercise Game App

    Cardio Exercise Game App

    With the cardio exercise game app you’ll be able to turn your grueling workout into a fun interactive game that’ll make the time go by in a snap. The handle bars of your stationary bike become controllers you use to guide your player through various obstacles.

  • Wearable Muscle Stimulator

    Resistance Training Parachute

    Get those Popeye-like forearms you’ve always wanted when you begin working out with the grip strength builder wraps. The grips double the width of lifting bars, allowing you to maximize your workouts so that you see gains in record time.

  • Treadmill Desk

    Treadmill Desk

    Stay fit while slaving away at your soul crushing office job by replacing your workstation with the treadmill desk. This customized desk fits almost any treadmill and provides ample space to work comfortably so you can stay productive as you get your daily cardio in.

  • Brainwave Fitness Headband

    Brainwave Fitness Headband

    A better brain is just 3 minutes away with the brainwave fitness headband. The headband – known as Muse – is a brain fitness tool that allows you to do more with your mind by helping improve productivity, motivation, and even aiding in lowering stress levels.

  • Aerial Yoga Hammock

    Aerial Yoga Hammock

    Take your yoga workout to new heights when you begin practicing on the aerial yoga hammock. Once safely anchored, the hammock suspends you mid air and features foot stirrups so that you can perform gravity-defying moves in glorious ass hugging yoga pants.

  • Exercise Storage Belt

    Exercise Storage Belt

    Keep your personal belongings safe while working out by wearing the exercise storage belt. This fashionable and comfortable accessory is available in virtually any color you like and features a series of pockets to store your stuff in while getting your workout on.

  • Backyard Slackline

    Backyard Slackline

    Work on your balancing skills from the comfort of home with the backyard slackline. Once the slackline is fastened at both ends, you’ll have a rigid yet flexible rope that will allow you to perform tricks or just work on your balance.