• Giant Bath Bombs

    Giant Bath Bombs

    Make your next soak more colorful and relaxing than ever by dropping in one of these giant bath bombs. Each set includes a dozen 5-ounce bombs that are handmade using all natural and organic ingredients that will smooth and moisturize your skin.

  • K-25 Smart Bath Towels

    K-25 Smart Bath Towels 2.0

    Marshmallow cottony soft bath towels that soak water as a super sponge waffle. They are surprisingly lightweight, but fluffy. Innovative XL waffle weave design. They dry super fast between uses, even when folded! Stinky towels gone forever!

  • Puzzle Lights

    Puzzle Lights

    Make any room in your home come to life by creating some eye-catching ambient lighting by putting together your very own puzzle light. Each kit comes with 30 individual pieces that you can assemble to 1 of 15 possible lamps designs.

  • Nitrous Oxide Powered Wine Opener

    Nitrous Oxide Powered Wine Opener

    Effortlessly uncork your bottle with the push of a button by grabbing a hold of this Nitrous oxide powered wine opener. It comes with an 8g N2O charger that will instantly pop open your bottle with no mess so that you can keep the wine flowing all night long.

  • Giant Cabbage Blanket

    Giant Cabbage Blanket

    Show off your love for veggies and healthy eating by snuggling up in this giant cabbage blanket. Designed to look like a giant leaf of yummy cabbage, this vibrant polyester and feather fabric blanket will be an instant conversation piece in your home.

  • Sliced Agate Drink Coasters

    Sliced Agate Drink Coasters

    Add brilliant natural color to your home bar by setting your refreshing beverages down on these sliced agate drink coasters. Each coaster in the set is crafted from gorgeous sliced Brazilian agate that is complemented by an elegant 24 karat gold plated rim.

  • Honeycomb Drawer Organizer

    Honeycomb Drawer Organizer

    Maintain order inside your drawers on a daily basis by placing one of these honeycomb drawer organizers inside each one. It can easily be placed inside any standard drawer and provides 32 hexagonal slots ideal for ensuring your clothes remain separated.

  • Thor’s Hammer Meat Tenderizer

    Thor’s Hammer Meat Tenderizer

    Pound your meats with god-like fury by wielding this mini Mjolnir. Shaped like the Thunder God’s iconic weapon, it features a comfy silicone grip and sports an engraving that reads “whosoever holds this hammer, if they be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor!”.

  • Expanding Rotating Circular Table

    Expanding Rotating Circular Table

    No matter how many dinner guests are coming over, you’ll be able to comfortably seat them all with this expanding rotating circular table in your dining room. The ingenious design doubles the size of the table simply by rotating it.

  • Giant LED Edison Bulb

    Giant LED Edison Bulb

    Give your home some old world charm by flicking on this giant LED Edison bulb. This massive 220 volt bulb is a sure-fire conversation piece that measures almost 1 foot long and has a lifespan of around 3,000 hours – making this a great addition of any room in your home.

  • 15 Min Sleep Companion Hourglass

    15 Min Sleep Companion Hourglass

    Rather than unhealthily staring at your smartphone screen every night, you can now pleasantly drift off to sleep using this 15 minute sleep companion hourglass. This hourglass will put on a relaxing 15 min light show that will have you falling asleep before you know it.

  • Rocket Moon Wall Clock

    Rocket Moon Wall Clock

    Give the mundane task of telling time a fun out-of-this-world twist by hanging up this cool rocket moon wall clock. Thanks to the clock’s clever design, you’re treated to an ongoing flight flow as the small rocket orbits around the crater-filled moon ever sixty seconds.