Housewarming Gifts

  • K-25 Smart Bath Towels

    K-25 Smart Bath Towels

    Stinky towels gone forever! It soaks water as a super sponge waffle, is surprisingly lightweight, dries extremely fast, and prevents moldy smells. K-25 bath towel’s design is unique with extra large waffle squares combined with deep honey comb pockets!

  • Monthly Wine Club Subscription Box

    Monthly Wine Club Subscription Box

      With the monthly wine club subscription box you’ll be able to taste the finest distilled grape juices from around the world without leaving your couch. Each month, you’ll receive a box with 4 wines from a selection that features over 100 varieties of wine.

  • Cactus Plant Shaped Coaster Set

    Cactus Plant Shaped Coaster Set

    Brighten up any room’s decor using this fun cactus plant shaped coaster set. Handmade from birch plywood, each coaster in the set comes with a small notch that allows them to be interlocked and staked upright to form a wooden cactus.

  • Hoodie Pillowcase

    Hoodie Pillowcase

    Experience the ultimate in hoodie comfort with these hooded pillowcases. Perfect for lounging around and able to fit any standard size pillow, these hoodie pillowcases will wrap you up in a cocoon of comfort, warmth, and all around awesomeness.

  • Slanket Sleeved Blanket

    Slanket Sleeved Blanket

    Do you like the idea of the Snuggie blanket, but wish it a higher quality that doesn’t fall apart when you wash it? The Slanket uses the same design as the Snuggie, allowing use of your hands while wearing a blanket, except it is a higher quality fabric.

  • Wine Siphoning System

    Wine Siphoning System

    The wine siphoning system allows you to access your wine without the need to ever remove the cork – so you can drink wine by the glass instead of committing to the entire bottle – extending the life of your most valued wines.

  • Staircase Basket

    Staircase Basket

    Keep your staircase free from random toys and small objects by storing them in this clever staircase basket. This uniquely designed basket is shaped so it perfectly fits in between two stairs, giving you an organized storage center so your staircase is clean and tidy.

  • Oversized Gear Clock

    Oversized Gear Clock

    This over sized gear clock is a stylish work of art – made of various sized gears that will easily be a conversation starter in any home. The gear clock is hand painted and is a great gift for anyone who loves steampunk themed items.

  • King Kong Cat Scratch Post

    King Kong Cat Scratch Post

    If you cat is wrecking havoc on your home furniture then you need a good cat scratching post – but not just any cat scratching post will do. The King Kong Cat Scratch Post will release your cat’s inner beast so it has no energy left to do any damage to your other furniture.

  • OCD Cutting Board

    OCD Cutting Board

    Prepare your meal with precision with the OCD cutting board. This cutting board is the perfect gift for the anal retentive chef – featuring ingrained measurement and cutting guide labels for all types of intervention worthy cooking preparation sessions.

  • Modern Boxed Wine Dispenser

    Modern Boxed Wine Dispenser

    Keep your favorite fermented grape juice fresh long after you open it by placing it inside this modern boxed wine dispenser. It’s capable of holding three liters and is designed to keep wine fresh for up to six weeks after you pour your first glass.

  • LED Bluetooth Cube Speaker

    LED Bluetooth Cube Speaker

    Treat your eyes and ears to a wonderful show next time feel like listening to some tunes from this LED Bluetooth cube speaker. Compatible with both Android and Apple products, it delivers high-fidelity sound while the internal LED pulses in vibrant colors to the beat.