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Lights & Clocks

  • Puzzle Lights

    Puzzle Lights

    Make any room in your home come to life by creating some eye-catching ambient lighting by...

  • Giant LED Edison Bulb

    Giant LED Edison Bulb

    Give your home some old world charm by flicking on this giant LED Edison bulb. This...

  • Rocket Moon Wall Clock

    Rocket Moon Wall Clock

    Give the mundane task of telling time a fun out-of-this-world twist by hanging up this cool...

  • Neon Hello Sign

    Neon Hello Sign

    Add a friendly and welcoming ambiance to your house by flicking on this stunning neon “hello”...

  • Modern LED Wall Clock

    Modern LED Wall Clock

    Keeping track of time will be more convenient than ever when you hang up this modern...

  • HAL 9000 Wall Clock

    HAL 9000 Wall Clock

    Give your home a futuristic sci-fi feel by letting the HAL 9000 wall clock inform you...

  • Rainbow Neon Wall Light

    Rainbow Neon Wall Light

    Add a little color and flair to your bedroom by creating some quaint ambient lighting from...

  • Minimalistic LED Clock

    Minimalistic LED Clock

    If analog clocks aren’t your thing, try this minimalistic LED clock on for size. The digital...

  • Wood Chain Table Lamp

    Wood Chain Table Lamp

    Give your bedroom some personality by showing off your love of biking with this wood chain...

  • Dragon Ball Z Lamps

    Dragon Ball Z Lamps

    Turn your room into the scene of an epic battle with these amazing Dragon Ball Z...

  • Alarm Clock Carpet

    Alarm Clock Carpet

    Oversleeping will become a thing of the past when waking up with the alarm clock carpet....

  • Flame Simulating LED Light Bulb

    Flame Simulating LED Light Bulb

    Create a romantic candle-lit ambiance without running the risk of accidentally burning down your home by...