Tools & Accessories

  • Survival Credit Card Axe Multi-Tool

    Survival Credit Card Axe Multi-Tool

    Ensure you’re always prepared for the worst by keeping an ace up your sleeve with this survival credit card axe multi-tool. Crafted from durable titanium, this ultra portable accessory comes fitted with 24 useful tools that include an arrow head, a tomahawk, and a can opener.

  • Igloohome Smart Padlock

    Igloohome Smart Padlock

    With the Igloohome smart padlock you’ll be able to grant access to any user no matter where you are. It combines the usefulness of PIN locks with the versatility of Bluetooth locks so that you can easily send PIN codes via SMS or other texting apps to any user.

  • Roomba i7+ Robotic Vacuum

    Roomba i7+ Robotic Vacuum

    Ensure your home looks spic-and-span at all times by placing the brand new Roomba i7+ robotic vacuum on the job! This revolutionary device automatically empties itself when it docks at the base and features improved home mapping for more efficient cleaning.

  • Nomad Base Station Hub

    Nomad Base Station Hub

    he Nomad Base station hub you’ll be able to effortlessly and wirelessly charge up to 4 devices simultaneously. It features 3 high-power coils so you can charge up to 2 devices at a maximum of 10W each and a USB-A port that provides up to an extra 7.5W.

  • The Distraction-Free Writing Device

    The Distraction-Free Writing Device

    Finally make progress on that screen play you’ve been tinkering with for the better part of your adult life by sitting down in front of Traveler – the ultimate distraction-free writing device. It eliminates all distractions so you can focus your thoughts and get down to business.

  • Nut & Golf Ball Collector

    Nut & Golf Ball Collector

    Clean up your yard in a fraction of the time by using this nut and golf ball collector for your fall chores. The simple yet functional design allows you to effortlessly pick up a large assortment of nuts, small fruits, and even golf balls without having to physically bend over.

  • Grim Lock Pick And Escape Card

    Grim Lock Pick And Escape Card

    The Grim Lockpick and Escape Card is a reusable 440 stainless steel credit card multi-tool with lockpicks and an integrated escape multi-tool, with a handcuff key, a shim, a file, and much more that is small enough to fit into your wallet!

  • Rechargeable Electric Snow Shovel

    Rechargeable Electric Snow Shovel

    Make it easier on yourself this coming winter by throwing out your old shovel and upgrading to this rechargeable electric snow shovel. This cord-free device features a 2-blade paddle auger that will efficiently clear snow and throw it up to 25 feet away.

  • Inflatable Leveling Tool

    Inflatable Leveling Tool

    Make your next DIY project go a little smoother when you need to level something heavy by placing this inflatable leveling tool on the job. This contractor-grade pump wedge can easily be operated with one hand and features a 300 pound load capacity.

  • Steep Assist Roof Ladder

    Steep Assist Roof Ladder

    Climbing up and working on your roof is now more convenient than ever with the Steep Assist roof ladder. This compact ladder hooks onto the top of your roof so that you can easily grab onto the handles along the pole and climb up and down safely.

  • Instant Cure Super Glue

    Instant Cure Super Glue

    Every other adhesive in your home just became obsolete thanks to Total Repair – the instant cure super glue. This revolutionary light-curing adhesive dries ten times faster than regular super glue, can fill gaps, and make precise repairs.

  • StickQuik Magnetic Tool Holder Set

    StickQuik Magnetic Tool Holder Set

    Ensure your most frequently used tools are always at hand by placing them on this magnetic tool holder set from StickQuik. These small but powerful Neodymium magnets come in a range of sizes so that you can accommodate a variety of different tools.