Travel Gear

  • Travelmate Ethanol Fireplace

    Travelmate Ethanol Fireplace

    Instantly create a warm and inviting ambiance in any part of your home with the Travelmate ethanol fireplace. The innovative and functional suit-case-like design allows you to easily pick it up and set it in virtually any part of your home.

  • Panasonic Personal Wearable Space

    Panasonic Personal Wearable Space

    The Panasonic Wear Space is essentially a horse blinder for people. The device helps block out background noise as well as your peripheral vision – so that you can easily cut out all distractions and concentrate on your work.

  • The Inflatable Travel Jumpsuit

    The Inflatable Travel Jumpsuit

    When it comes to travel-day outfits, you won’t find a better option than the inflatable travel jumpsuit. This comfy jumpsuit comes loaded with a slew of features ranging from an inflatable hood and neck pillow to ample storage pockets and even a zippered butt flap.

  • BagoBago Backpack Chair

    BagoBago Backpack Chair

    Make the traveling process a little less taxing on your body by packing your things inside the BagoBago backpack chair. It features ample storage space along with a sturdy built-in stool that you can easily pull out any time you need a place to sit.

  • Portable Travel Slow Cooker

    Portable Travel Slow Cooker

    Who says you can’t get a warm home cooked meal while you’re out on the road? This portable 8oz. capacity travel slow cooker comes with a rugged exterior and a special locking lid that prevents spills and ensures your food stays piping hot for hours.

  • Travel Organizational Packing Cubes

    Travel Organizational Packing Cubes

    Keep the inside of your suitcase from looking like a total pigsty with these travel organizational packing cubes from Vasco. The set comes with a series of individual cubes that will help keep all of your possessions totally organized.

  • Jackery 240Wh Portable Power Station

    Jackery 240Wh Portable Power Station

    The Jackery Explorer 240 is the 240-watt capacity power station that will keep your campsite running without weighing you down. Coming in at under 7 lbs, it features 2 USB Outputs, an AC outlet, and a car port with surge and short circuit protection.

  • Reusable Portable Travel Urinal

    Reusable Portable Travel Urinal

    When you gotta go, you gotta go. With this reusable portable travel urinal you’ll be able to do just that – even if there’s no bathroom in sight. It features a shrinkable design for easy transport and can extend to hold up to 750 mL of liquid.

  • ProPoint Travel Mouse Presenter

    ProPoint Travel Mouse Presenter

    The ProPoint travel mouse presenter is the pint-sized ergonomic mouse you can comfortably use virtually anywhere! It’s small enough to use on your laptop’s palm-rest and can be utilized as an in-air presenter that you can use to draw on the screen with hand gestures.

  • Four Seasons World Of Adventure Trip

    Four Seasons World Of Adventure Trip

    Experience what it’s like to be a globe-trotting jet-setter by booking a seat on the Four Seasons World of Adventure tour. In just 23 days, you’ll visit 8 countries and make stops at exotic locations like Marrakech and Bogota while you travel in a first class Boeing 757.

  • Live Conversation Speaking Translator

    Live Conversation Speaking Translator

    Why waste time learning a second language when you can just use this live conversation speaking translator?Each side of the device has an integrated microphone that captures dialogue, automatically translates the message, and relays it to the other person.

  • The World’s Best Toiletry Bag

    The World’s Best Toiletry Bag

    Pack all your bathroom essentials without creating bulk by stuffing everything inside the world’s best toiletry bag. This hangable bag features both mesh and water-resistant zip pockets along with enough space for everything from an electric shaver to your toothbrush.