• Samurai Leather Armor

    Samurai Leather Armor

    Awaken your inner warrior by dressing up in this Samurai leather armor. This exceptionally well handmade armor will cover you from head to toe and transform you into a mighty Samurai warrior from the nineteenth century.

  • Shazam Adult Costume

    Shazam Adult Costume

    Unleash the superhero inside of you by transforming yourself into Shazam with this colorful adult costume. Available in various sizes, the costume includes the cape, bodysuit, boot covers, belt, and arm guards – incredible super-human abilities sold separately.

  • The Babadook Halloween Mask

    The Babadook Halloween Mask

    Kick the creepiness factor up a notch or three this Halloween by dressing up as the Babadook using this freaky Halloween mask. This terrifying handmade mask is perfect for costume parties or for pranking the kids and ensuring they’ll never sleep again.

  • Black Panther Costume

    Black Panther Costume

    Instantly go from average Joe to Avenger by donning this Black Panther costume. This handmade suit is tailored to ensure a snug yet comfortable fit and comes with all the accents either printed or glued onto the suit itself – including bulging muscles and washboard abs.

  • Pokemon Machoke Mask

    Pokemon Machoke Mask

    Bring your favorite fighting-type Pokemon to life by topping off your Pokemon cosplay using this custom Machoke mask. The mask is skillfully handmade from a combination of polyurethane resin and latex for a more comfortable fit.

  • Overwatch Genji Costume

    Overwatch Genji Costume

    Bring your favorite video game character to life by getting yourself into this custom made Overwatch Genji costume. This handmade LED strip accented getup covers you from head to toe – badass technologically-advanced katana not included.

  • Fallout 4 T60 Power Armor

    Fallout 4 T60 Power Armor

    Take Comic-Con by storm by showing up in this incredible Fallout 4 T60 power armor. This eye-catching getup is hand made from a combination of PVC plastic and resin to your specific measurements to ensure a perfect fit.

  • Uruk Hai Berserker Cosplay

    Uruk Hai Berserker Cosplay

    Strike fear in the eyes of everyone at the convention by showing up in this Uruk Hai Berserker cosplay. This high quality latex and foam costume transforms you from head to toe into one of the most feared warriors in all of Middle-earth.

  • Inflatable Jurassic World Costumes

    Inflatable Jurassic World Costumes

    Transform yourself into a ferocious pre-historic beast with one of these inflatable Jurassic World costumes. Available in models like a velociraptor, a pteranodon, and a triceratops, each costume comes with a small on-board battery operated fan that keeps it inflated.

  • Master Chief Armored Suit

    Master Chief Armored Suit

    Become the living embodiment of Master Chief by dressing up in this incredibly detailed armored suit. It’s masterfully crafted and features a sturdy aluminum alloy frame and hardened PU and ABS plastic that keep it light to facilitate movement.

  • White Walker One-Piece Costume

    White Walker One-Piece Costume

    Terrify everyone by looking like you just strolled in from the Land of Always Winter by dressing up in this White Walker one-piece costume. The suit comes emblazoned with a haunting White Walker skeleton image and is made from four-way stretch Italian Lycra.

  • LED Suits

    LED Suits

    Leave your audience begging for an encore by blowing their minds while wearing these LED suits. These high quality suits feature a centralized computer control that lets you synchronize lighting effects to musical compositions to create stunning visuals.