Funny Gifts

  • Rapping Paper

    Rapping Paper

    This rapping paper is almost to amazing tear apart. The creative and hilarious design depicts several rappers like Snoop Dogg and Kanye alongside things commonly associated with hip hop like Hennessey, cannabis, and of course cash.

  • Donald Trump Birthday Card

    Donald Trump Birthday Card

    This year, give your friend the gift of laughter by surprising them with this Donald Trump birthday card. It’s printed on high quality card stock and displays a cartoon version of The Donald wishing your friend a happy birthday like only he can.

  • Brawling Wrestlers Windshield Wipers

    Brawling Wrestlers Windshield Wipers

    Treat everyone driving behind you to an action-packed wrestling match by outfitting your ride with these brawling wrestlers windshield wipers. The hilarious and clever design of these wipers makes them the perfect car accessory for anyone who loves lucha libre!

  • SUP Paddleboard Inflatable Creatures

    SUP Paddleboard Inflatable Creatures

    Add a fun component to paddleboarding for your little tadpoles by tricking-out your board with these inflatable creature attachments. The set comes with a fierce looking animal head and a rear inflatable seat so that your kid can sit in comfort while you do all the work.

  • Creepy Coin Eating Bank

    Creepy Coin Eating Bank

    Teach your children the horrifying lessons of financial responsibility with the creepy coin eating bank. This traumatizing device features an anthropomorphic abomination that devours coins while the lifeless doll-like eyes stare directly into your soul.

  • Magical Mushroom Grow Kit

    Magical Mushroom Grow Kit

    Grow your own ‘shrooms with this all-in-one mushroom grow kit! These grow kits make it fun and easy to grow your own mushrooms at home. Everything you need to grow mushrooms – except spores – is included in each kit. Perfect for the ‘shroom enthusiast!

  • Captain Picard Facepalm Bust

    Captain Picard Facepalm Bust

    Bring a little fun and internet humor into your drab workplace by decorating your desk with this Captain Picard facepalm bust. This officially licensed bust perfectly captures the now iconic scene from the Star Trek Next Generation episode “Deja Q”.

  • Pickle Rick Sculpture

    Pickle Rick Sculpture

    Look Morty, I’ve turned myself into a pickle sculpture. It’s Pickle Sculpture Rick! It can’t move, can’t fly, and probably won’t live forever, but who cares? This must have collectible is expertly handmade in the likeness of Pickle Rick a.k.a. Solenya a.k.a. The Pickle Man.

  • Ranch Dressing Fountain

    Ranch Dressing Fountain

    No barbecue, tailgate, birthday party, bar mitzvah, or wake ceremony would be complete without this glorious ranch dressing fountain. This gift from the gods features four cascading tiers that easily accommodate twelve standard size bottles of creamy ranch dressing.

  • Beetlejuice Adam & Barbara Masks

    Beetlejuice Adam & Barbara Masks

    This Halloween, one-up every couple in your town – and the afterlife – by dressing up in these Beetlejuice Adam and Barbara masks. These freaky masks are modeled on the ghoulish faces created by the Maitland’s in their attempt to scare the Deetz family away from their home.

  • Edible Unicorn Poop Candy

    Edible Unicorn Poop Candy

    When you’re in the mood for something sweet, treat your tastebuds to the unrivaled goodness of some edible unicorn poop candy. Each 1/2 pound bag comes filled with dozens of multi-colored jelly poop pellets that taste strikingly similar to regular Jelly Beans.

  • Suzy Likes To Look At Balls

    Suzy Likes To Look At Balls

    Make story time as equally entertaining for you as it is for your little one by reading her Suzy Likes To Look At Balls. Each page is filled with double entendres that’ll have you weeping tears of joy as read about Suzy and her fondness for looking at all types of balls.