• Cannabis Infused Beverages

    Cannabis Infused Beverages

    Experience a high unlike any other by sipping your Mary Jane in the form of these cannabis infused beverages. These legal drinks contain a combination of fresh fruit juice and locally grown cannabis extract to produce a fruity drink that gives you a relaxing high.

  • Ocean Waves Coffee Table

    Ocean Waves Coffee Table

    Bring the beauty, majesty, and serenity of the beach right into your living room with this surreal ocean waves coffee table. This handmade gem features a solid walnut and steel construction that will ensure it lasts for years to come.

  • White Truffle Hot Sauce

    White Truffle Hot Sauce

    Make everything you put in your mouth taste infinitely better and spicier with this white truffle hot sauce. This vegan-friendly gourmet sauce is made with the finest ingredients, including white truffle and ripe chili peppers with a Scoville Heat index of around 3,000!

  • Mountain Rose Succulents

    Mountain Rose Succulents

    Breathe life into any nook or cranny of your humble abode with these marvelous mountain rose succulents. With these seeds, you’ll be able to plant and grow your very own colorful rare mountain roses. They’re the perfect way to brighten up any garden.

  • Ultra Portable Underwater Drone

    Ultra Portable Underwater Drone

    This ultra portable underwater drone makes ocean exploration more convenient than ever. This small and very capable swimmer does the hard work for you – it will dive down to a depth of 32.8-feet and transmit what it captures directly to your smartphone.

  • Rainbow Bath Bomb Set

    Rainbow Bath Bomb Set

    Add a splash of whimsy to your next soak with this rainbow bath bomb set. The set comes with two non-staining rainbow bath bombs that will unleash a flurry of color as they dissolve and will also help sooth and hydrate your skin.

  • Rick And Morty Cats Portal Blanket

    Rick And Morty Cats Portal Blanket

    Get out-of-this-world comfort when you’re lounging at home by wrapping yourself up with this Rick and Morty cats portal blanket. This super soft plush blanket comes decorated with a vivid image of Rick and Morty falling through a void surrounded by Schrödinger’s cats.

  • Motherboard Cutting Board

    Motherboard Cutting Board

    The motherboard cutting board makes the ideal housewarming gift for the techie who loves the culinary arts. Designed to look just like a computer’s motherboard, this geeky and useful kitchen accessory will surely brighten up their cooking routine.

  • Home Theater Leather Sofa

    Home Theater Leather Sofa

    Do movie night at home right by watching your favorite flicks from the comfort of this home theater leather sofa. This incredibly comfy sofa is loaded with features like adjustable headrests, adjustable lumbar support, a pull-down table, and even a wireless charger.

  • Swiveling Wall Charger

    Swiveling Wall Charger

    This swiveling wall charger’s practical design offers 180-degrees of flexibility so it won’t block other nearby outlets. This handy charger comes with 1 Quick Charge 3.0 USB port plus 2 AiPower USB ports in addition to a standard AC outlet.

  • Giant Lapu Lapu Origami Lamp

    Giant Lapu Lapu Origami Lamp

    Bring underwater wonder into your home with this giant lapu lapu origami lamp. This monster-sized fish lamp is handmade from a tough tear-resistant fabric and comes with dozens of small perforations along its entire body that’ll cast cool shadows when light shines through it.

  • The Black Christmas Tree

    The Black Christmas Tree

    Keep it modern and elegant this holiday season with the black Christmas tree. Available in either a 6-foot or 7-foot model, this stylish tree is made from a high-quality non-flammable, non-allergenic PVC material and features hinged branches for easy setup.