• LED Revision Mirror

    LED Revision Mirror

    Create a brighter and more modern atmosphere in the bathroom by accenting it with the LED revision mirror. This easy to install mirror can be placed either vertically or horizontally and comes with built in LEDs around the frame that provide a striking splash of color.

  • Sushi Soap Bars

    Sushi Soap Bars

    Spice up your bathroom’s decor with a staple of Japanese cuisine using these sushi soap bars. Made from all natural ingredients, each Bento scented set includes an ikura, ebi nigiri, and a sake nigiri roll expertly decorated to look like the real thing.

  • Glow In The Dark Toothbrush

    Glow In The Dark Toothbrush

    Brush in the dark without having to turn on any bright lights using this glow in the dark toothbrush. It features soft double layered tapered top bristles blended with nano-silver technology and a neat light-absorbing phosphorescent handle that emits a cool green glow.

  • Scuba Diver Bathtub Plug

    Scuba Diver Bathtub Plug

    You won’t find a more qualified person to plug your tub than the scuba diver bathtub plug. Tethered to your plug, the adventurous scuba diver remains submerged for the entirety of your bath so you can enjoy it without fear of water levels becoming critically low.

  • Underwater Light Show

    Underwater Light Show

    Transition your pool party seamlessly from day to night by keeping the celebration going with the underwater light show. These specialized lights rotate underwater in order to create mind blowing lighting effects that make your pool look like a fancy night club dance floor.

  • Illuminated Bath Tub

    Illuminated Bath Tub

    Revamp your bathroom’s drab decor by adding a little color to it with the illuminated bath tub. This dazzling tub is made from sturdy polyethylene and comes with multicolored, programmable LED lights that illuminate the entire tub as you bathe.

  • Shadowy Figure Shower Curtain

    Shadowy Figure Shower Curtain

    Spook guests that step into your restroom using this shadowy figure shower curtain. It comes with rings that make it easy to hang and creates the illusion someone is lurking behind the curtain while they’re trying to do their business.

  • Bacon Body Wash

    Bacon Body Wash

    What better way to prepare for a delicious, artery clogging breakfast than with the bacon body wash. A nice coat of this body wash will have you feeling refreshed while leaving behind an intoxication bacon smell that will linger throughout the entire day.

  • Skateboard Vanity Light

    Skateboard Vanity Light

    Make your bathroom cool again with the skateboard vanity light, the light that makes you yearn for your rebellious kick-flipping days again. Fortunately for you, skating has always been cool, and still is, so this light will look super retro-chic in your apartment.

  • Tentacle Wall Decal

    Tentacle Wall Decal

    Stay at the forefront of the latest interior design trends with the tentacle wall decal. These professional grade decals adhere to the wall like giant stickers to liven up any dull bathroom or bedroom with some much needed whimsy and intrigue.

  • Santa Claus Toilet Cover

    Santa Claus Toilet Cover

    Get revenge on the fat man for bringing you coal last Christmas by dropping off a “special gift” down his chimney. This four piece Santa Claus toilet cover will get your whole family into the Holiday spirit, though you may not like that passion they exhibit.

  • Nosferatu Shower Curtain

    Nosferatu Shower Curtain

    Beware when you shower for Nosferatu is never far way. The Nosferatu shower curtain is the handmade item made for cinema buffs and horror movie freaks – the curtain keeps your bathroom nice and dry while an ominous Nosferatu shaped shadow lurks about.