• Scary Silhouette Shower Curtain

    Scary Silhouette Shower Curtain

    Freak out friends and family by hanging the scary silhouette shower curtain in your guest bathroom. The shadowy and psychotic figure looming just outside will keep guests on their toes with a healthy dose of paranoia as they try to have a relaxing shower.

  • Periodic Table Soap

    Periodic Table Soap

    Start your days off on the right foot by bathing with one of these periodic table soap bars. An ideal gift for chemistry enthusiasts and science geeks in general, they come styled like periodic elements and feature a delightful ginger lime scent.

  • Zombie Scrub Dead Skin Remover

    Zombie Scrub Dead Skin Remover

    Help your complexion stay youthful and healthy by exfoliating yourself with this zombie scrub dead skin remover. It’s made using natural ingredients like pure cane sugar, honey, sweet almond oil, and possesses a delightful eucalyptus scent.

  • Butt Towel

    Butt Towel

    Give friends a peek at your perfectly shaped ass by flashing them with the butt towel. This novelty towel is made from 100% cotton velour and comes imprinted with an outrageously comical cartoon butt flashing everyone through the opening in the rear.

  • severed-fingers-soap-bars

    severed fingers soap bars

    Keep your hands feeling fresh by washing them with severed fingers! These creepy yet realistic looking human fingers are actually mini soap bars with a wonderful watermelon scent added to them. These severed fingers soap bars go great with serial killer wallpaper, too!

  • Blood Bath Shower Gel

    Blood Bath Shower Gel

    Start your day off right by dousing yourself in delicious blood by bathing using the blood bath shower gel. Apart from satiating your inner haemophile, it features a delightful cherry scent and comes in a lovely human blood transfusion-like bag.

  • Bloody Shower Curtain

    Bloody Shower Curtain

    Instill a healthy level of paranoia in anyone who dare enters your bathroom when you freak them out using the bloody shower curtain. With a realistic bloody hand print design reminiscent of old slasher flicks, they’re the ultimate choice for any horror movie buffs bathroom.

  • Unicorn Poop Soap

    Unicorn Poop Soap

    Experience a new level of clean – the kind that only magical fecal matter can provide – by showering with some unicorn poop soap. Just as you’d expect, their multicolored droppings look like a wondrous rainbow and feature a delightful fruity scent.

  • Caffeinated Mocha Latte Soap

    Caffeinated Mocha Latte Soap

    Receive an extra jolt of energy in the mornings by showering with this caffeinated mocha latte soap. A soothing combination of dark cocoa, coffee, and caffeine restrict blood vessels and minimize redness while helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Adjustable Toilet Seat

    Adjustable Toilet Seat

    Big boned, husky, burly, no matter how you describe yourself something we can all agree on is that toilet seats are uncomfortable for us – until now. The adjustable toilet is built with an expanding seat to better accommodate all body types.

  • Strong Man Toilet Paper Holder

    Strong Man Toilet Paper Holder

    Throw out that scrawny toilet paper holder and get yourself a jacked up strong man that can hold two rolls of TP at the same time! Available in both black and red colors, this aluminum strong man toilet paper holder makes an excellent gift idea for body builders.

  • Toilet Lid Sink

    Toilet Lid Sink

    Give the kids a height appropriate place to wash their hands by installing this toilet lid sink. It hooks up directly to the toilet valve to provide you with clean water to wash your hands and features a water diverter to save on water consumption.