Home Security

  • The Neighbors Have Better Stuff Mat

    The Neighbors Have Better Stuff Mat

    Keep your precious belongings safe from burglars by leading them next door using “The Neighbors Have Better Stuff” mat. The grass really is greener on the other side – so let burglars know it by encouraging them to rob the Joneses instead!

  • Secret Compartment Pillow

    Secret Compartment Pillow

    Keep your valued possessions safe by concealing them in the secret compartment pillow. Thanks to this comfortable pillow you’ll be able to stash your goods – candy, drugs, cash, etc. – in an easily accessible location that no one would ever think to look in.

  • Mailbox Vault

    Mailbox Vault

    Make sure your identity is never stolen from your pay stubs or your bank statements with the state-of-the-art mailbox vault. This mailbox is crafted of galvanized steel, shows no bolts or screws, and only opens by touchpad. You’re screwed if you forget your code – so don’t.

  • Anti-Burglar Defense System

    Anti-Burglar Defense System

    Stop unwelcome intruders dead in their tracks once you install the anti-burglar defense system. Perfect for defending your electricity dependent alarm system, this defense system takes a proactive approach by filling up the electrical panel with blinding pepper spray.

  • Keyless Door Lock

    Keyless Door Lock

    The Future™ has finally come for door locking technology – now you can unlock your front door using your smartphone as a key fob with this innovative key-less door lock. Using encrypted locking technology, the key-less door lock is simple, secure, and programmable.

  • Doorbell Camera App

    Doorbell Camera App

    See who is at the door without even being at home with this clever doorbell camera app. Every time someone’s at the door, you get a notification sent to your smart phone that gives you the option of either answering or ignoring them if it’s a unwanted solicitor.

  • App Controlled Door Lock

    App Controlled Door Lock

    Stop locking and unlocking your home like a caveman. Now you can open and close your home’s door like a modern man by using the app controlled door lock. With the swipe of a finger on your fancy smartphone, your door magically locks and unlocks on command.

  • Portable Door Jammer

    Portable Door Jammer

    Instantly add an extra layer of security to any door in the home with the portable door jammer. Although small in size, the door jammer is surprisingly strong – and it can successfully jam any door with a 1/8″ gap of space beneath it.

  • Biometric Fingerprint Lock

    Biometric Fingerprint Lock

    Quit carrying keys around like a neanderthal and step into the twenty first century by upgrading your home with a biometric fingerprint lock. Simple to install and program, the lock features an infrared sensor that uses your fingerprint to open and close the lock.

  • Smartphone Connected Cameras

    Smartphone Connected Cameras

    Now you can use your smartphone to keep a watchful eye on your home or office while you’re away using these smartphone connected cameras. They set up in under a minute, and thanks to the compact design they can be placed just about anywhere.

  • Digital Door Peephole

    Digital Door Peephole

    Help bring your home into the 21st century by installing the LCD door peephole. This high tech peephole utilizes a small LCD screen to let you clearly see who’s knocking at the front door without the fish-eye distortion effect found in standard peepholes.

  • Smart Door Lock

    Smart Door Lock

    Turn your home into an impenetrable fortress by upgrading to the smart door lock. This reinvented smartphone connected lock is crafted from steel, glass reinforced nylon and aluminum to keep out any and all intruders using an anchored deadbolt-like system.