Home Security

  • Burglar Deterrent Light Bulb

    Burglar Deterrent Light Bulb

    Keep your home secure while you’re away by deterring would be burglars with these smart light bulbs. They give off the appearance that you’re home even when the house is empty, can function as smoke detectors, and also provide up to 4 hours of emergency lighting.

  • Labyrinth Door Lock

    Labyrinth Door Lock

    Bolster your security at home with the labyrinth door lock. This infallible heavy duty lock features a challenging labyrinth for you to follow to unlock your door – so no burglar could ever get past it unless he plays lots of brain sharpening games.

  • Bolt Hidden Safe

    Bolt Hidden Safe

    Keep an emergency stash at your workshop without anyone becoming the wiser by hiding your cash inside this bolt hidden safe. The bolt comes with a hollowed out body ideal for hiding cash and features a realistic appearance and weight.

  • Smartphone Connected Video Doorbell

    Smartphone Connected Video Doorbell

    See who’s knocking at your door even if you’re half way across town by using this smartphone connected video doorbell. It comes with built-in two-way communication, night vision, motion detection, and can be accessed using any smartphone or tablet.

  • Deadbolt Lock Enhancer

    Deadbolt Lock Enhancer

    Bolster your home’s overall security by strengthening the door’s locking mechanism with the deadbolt lock enhancer. This ingenious device is made from a super grip durable hook-and-loop fabric that wraps around the deadbolt lock to enhance its effectiveness.

  • Smart Outdoor Security Light

    Smart Outdoor Security Light

    Add an extra layer of defense onto your home by installing this smart outdoor security light at your front door. It provides ample lighting, and features a built-in camera capable of live streaming video, so you can see who’s outside your home.

  • Finger Scanning Door Lock

    Finger Scanning Door Lock

    Go keyless in your household with this finger scanning door lock. Perfect for locking down your home with nearly impossible to crack security, this clever deadbolt door lock will only open if your fingerprint has been authorized for entry.

  • Smart Vault Biometric Safe

    Smart Vault Biometric Safe

    Keep your firearm from falling into the wrong hands while still keeping it easily accessible by storing it inside this smart vault biometric safe. Capable of storing up to 15 different fingerprints, it’s designed so you can easily open it up with the swipe of your finger.

  • Air Vent Hidden Safe

    Air Vent Hidden Safe

    Keep your valuable secure by hiding them in plain sight with the air vent hidden safe. This discreet safe is easy to install and provides you with a 15″ x 5″ x 7″ compartment ideal for stashing away your valuables in a place no one would ever think to look.

  • Super Strong Portable Door Lock

    Super Strong Portable Door Lock

    Keep any door completely secure by locking it with this super strong portable door lock. As thin as an envelope, this compact lock can be easily installed or removed in mere seconds – making it a must-have security and privacy tool while traveling.

  • Hidden Book Safe

    Hidden Book Safe

    Keep your valuables safe by stashing them away in plain sight with the hidden book safe. Upon opening the book, a small compartment is revealed – ideal for hiding cash and small valuables. It’s also lightweight and highly portable, making it excellent for travel.

  • Wall Outlet Safe

    Wall Outlet Safe

    Keep your valuables hidden in plain sight with this clever faux wall outlet safe. This easy to install safe can replace an existing wall outlet, or you can simply cut open a small hole in your walls to place it – it’s ideal for hiding money, jewelry, and other small items from burgulars.