Drinks & Edibles

  • Cannabis Infused Beverages

    Cannabis Infused Beverages

    Experience a high unlike any other by sipping your Mary Jane in the form of these cannabis infused beverages. These legal drinks contain a combination of fresh fruit juice and locally grown cannabis extract to produce a fruity drink that gives you a relaxing high.

  • White Truffle Hot Sauce

    White Truffle Hot Sauce

    Make everything you put in your mouth taste infinitely better and spicier with this white truffle hot sauce. This vegan-friendly gourmet sauce is made with the finest ingredients, including white truffle and ripe chili peppers with a Scoville Heat index of around 3,000!

  • Beer Foam Message Printer

    Beer Foam Message Printer

    Keep your thirsty patrons coming back for more by giving drinks a personal touch using this beer foam message printer. This printer-like device makes it possible to easily create a custom message in the beer’s frothy head.

  • Giant Flip-Cup Cups

    Giant Flip-Cup Cups

    When it comes to drinking games, bigger is always better! So multiply the fun of your favorite party game by swapping out those dinky red cups for these giant flip-cup cups! The set comes with 8 giant cups measuring 7.75″ in diameter and standing 12″ tall.

  • Bacon Caramel Brownies

    Bacon Caramel Brownies

    Experience heaven on earth by biting into one of the delectable caramel bacon brownies. Each gooey and chocolaty brownie comes bathed in a thick coat of caramel and is then topped off with crispy fried bacon bits.

  • Gourmet Edible Cookie Dough

    Gourmet Edible Cookie Dough

    Indulge in some delicious cookie dough without the risk of salmonella poisoning by digging into this gourmet edible cookie dough. This delectable chocolaty chip treat is nut-free, certified Kosher, and comes ready to eat – making it the perfect garnish for any sweet treat.

  • Giant Blow Pop

    Giant Blow Pop

    Say goodbye to your diet and hello to cavities! Nothing will satisfy your sweet tooth quite like this giant Blow Pop. This Blow Pop shaped container comes jam packed with an assortment of eight tasty Blow Pops that include flavors like watermelon, grape, and strawberry.

  • Sweet Heat Spicy Skittles

    Sweet Heat Spicy Skittles

    Give your taste buds a kick during snack time by digging into these Sweet Heat spicy Skittles. These chewy bite size treats feature all new fruity flavors with a spicy kick like lemon spark, fiery watermelon, flamin’ orange, sizzlin’ strawberry, and blazin’ mango.

  • Giant Gummy Hamburger

    Giant Gummy Hamburger

    This giant gummy hamburger will make the perfect dessert for your next fast food feast. Modeled after the iconic fast food staple, this sugary 7 ounce burger comes with two buns and a nice and chewy gummy patty topped off with lettuce, tomato, and cheese.

  • Blue Champagne

    Blue Champagne

    Make your next celebration a little more exciting than usual by trading your fancy bubbly for this eye-catching blue champagne. Instead of a pale yellow hue, this unique bubbly features an electric blue shade along with a flavorful fruity taste.

  • Beer Advent Calendar

    Beer Advent Calendar

    Drink your way towards Christmas by revealing a new brew each day of the season. The Beer Advent Calendar is stocked with twelve highly rated craft beers delivered to your doorstep. Forget the chocolate, give them what they really want… beer!

  • Chocolate From Around The World

    Chocolate From Around The World

    Treat your palate to a mouth-watering trip around the globe by sampling the finest chocolates our planet has to offer. Handmade using sustainably grown cocoa, you’ll find pure bliss as you bite into each of the five different and equally delicious chocolate bars.