Molds & Trays

  • Stuffed Waffle Iron

    Stuffed Waffle Iron

    Wave goodbye to dieting when this stuffed waffle iron enters your life. The Wonderffle is the must-have kitchen appliance that lets you conveniently make Belgian-style waffles stuffed with your favorite foods inside of them – making them ideal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

  • Sushi Stacking Kit

    Sushi Stacking Kit

    Take your culinary skills to new heights by making some delicious vertical stacks of sushi with this sushi stacking kit. The kit features a set of 3 differently shaped molds that you can use to easily make delectable stacks of sushi or whatever else you can think up.

  • Chihuahua Taco Holder

    Chihuahua Taco Holder

    Ensure your tacos don’t fall and spill out of their shell when you invite the Mexican chihuahua taco holder over. This cute and well trained chihuahua features three handy taco shaped crevices that can accommodate up to three tacos at a time.

  • Easy Sushi Roller

    Easy Sushi Roller

    Forming tight, perfectly shaped rolls is easier than ever when you have this easy sushi roller. It allows you to quickly roll up elegant professional looking rolls in one fluid motion – making this portable appliance great for beginners and pros alike.

  • 3D Chocolate Candy T-Rex Mold

    3D Chocolate Candy T-Rex Mold

    Give your little paleontologist in training a sugary surprise they’re sure to love by making them their very own 3D chocolate T-Rex using this food-safe silicone mold. This building toy and confectionery tool makes it remarkable easy to make your own little 6 inch T-Rex.

  • Clear Ice Cube Tray

    Clear Ice Cube Tray

    Transform regular tap water into clear cut artisan ice cubes that won’t water down your drink with this clear ice cube tray. Just fill up the tray and 20 hours later you will have 4 perfectly formed 2 inch bar-quality ice cubes at your disposal.

  • Penis Shaped Egg Mold

    Penis Shaped Egg Mold

    Start your morning off right – with a penis in your mouth! With these naughty penis shaped egg frying molds you’ll be cooking up a protein storm of phallic shaped meals that will kickstart your metabolism and become a staple of your nutritious morning breakfast.

  • Poop Emoji Cookie Cutter

    Poop Emoji Cookie Cutter

    Turn your favorite emoji into your number one snack by baking up a batch of poop emoji cookies. The cookie cutter is crafted from a dishwasher safe PLA plastic and is available in sizes that range from a small 2″ x 2″ mold to a larger 5″ x 5″ turd mold.

  • 8-in-1 Burger Patty Press

    8-in-1 Burger Patty Press

    Serve up restaurant quality burgers right from home by making them using this 8-in-1 burger patty press. It allows you to easily make 8 plump quarter pound hexagonal patties that measure about 3 inches across and that are 1 inch thick.

  • S’mores Roasting Rack

    S’mores Roasting Rack

    Take your favorite flame cooked desert from the open flame of a camp fire to the comfort of your home grill with the s’mores roasting rack. This ultra practical stainless steel rack makes it possible to cook several s’mores simultaneously in just one easy step.

  • Snowman Cupcakes

    Snowman Cupcakes

    When it’s too cold outside to build snowmen, head indoors and warm up by the oven while baking these frosted snowman cupcake molds. Each set includes four silicone rubber cupcake molds that are perfect for baking up some delicious and festive holiday treats.

  • Dead Gingerbread Men

    Dead Gingerbread Men

    Bake up some spooky cookies this Halloween with these clever dead gingerbread men cookie cutters. After raising your army of undead gingerbread men, you’ll need to eat them all up as quickly as possible, unless you want to unleash your minions on the neighborhood.