Bacon Grilling Rack

  • Bacon Grilling Rack

    Bacon Grilling Rack

    Turn your next barbecue into a full on bacon grilling factory with help from this specialized BBQ rack. The bacon grilling rack’s angular design shortens cooking time while cutting down on grease, and making them crispier. It’s a no brainer for bacon lovers.

  • Das Boot Beer Mug

    Das Boot Beer Mug

    Celebrate Oktoberfest like a real German by drinking from DAS BOOT! This massive shoe holds 67 ounces, or roughly five beers in a single glass – enough to get you singing songs from the old country that you’re probably not even from.

  • Radioactive Waste Drinking Cup

    Radioactive Waste Drinking Cup

    If drinking out of a skull isn’t your thing, consider drinking out a radioactive waste barrel style drinking cup! The radioactive waste barrel drinking cup has a radioactive hazard trifoil symbol etched into it, along with the traditional barrel design.

  • Light Up Slippers

    Light Up Slippers

    Walk around in the middle of the night without fear of stepping on random objects on the floor with these light up slippers. These slippers don’t need to be turned on manually, just slip your feet into them and the weight sensor automatically turns the slipper lights on.

  • The Manly Art Of Knitting

    The Manly Art Of Knitting

    Learn how to become a true badass with a pair of needles by reading The Manly Art of Knitting. Originally published in 1972, this practical guide provides step-by-step instructions for beginners alongside helpful illustrations and images.

  • iPhone Speaker Amplifier Stand

    iPhone Speaker Amplifier Stand

    The iPhone speaker amplifier stand is a device that attaches to your iPhone and boosts the sound levels by 13 decibels without requiring any battery use, just good old fashioned acoustical science. It also doubles as phone stand so you can watch movies and shows.

  • Ambient Backlight Display System

    Ambient Backlight Display System

    Help protect your eyesight from the perils of nighttime TV watching with the addition of the ambient backlight display system. It creates an aura of similar colors to strengthen the presence effect and enhance your viewing experience without straining your eyesight.

  • Laptop Tablet Phone Mobile Desk

    Laptop / Tablet / Phone Mobile Desk

    Turn almost any spot in your home into the ideal workstation with help from this laptop / tablet / smartphone mobile desk. The intuitive design provides dock slots for a variety of devices while still maintaining ample space for papers and notebooks.

  • Mini Hard Drive USB Drive

    Mini Hard Drive USB Drive

    Carry your data around in this clever USB drive that is designed to look like a mini internal hard drive. With a high level of detail incorporated into every USB drive, these mini hard drives are a fun gift idea for computer science geeks, overclockers, and programmers.

  • Pocket Size Multi-Tool

    Pocket Size Multi-Tool

    Conveniently carry a multitude of useful tools without encumbering yourself using this pocket size multi-tool. The compact and slender design is small enough to fit in the palm of your hands and comes stocked with 20 useful tools ranging from a wrench to a cutting blade.

  • Isocore Hammer

    Isocore Hammer

    Make home improvement projects go as smooth as possible with help from this Isocore hammer. It features a shock control system designed to absorb impact and vibration in order to reduce the punishment on your body.

  • Glitter Beard Kit

    Glitter Beard Kit

    Transform your dull facial hair into a shiny and shimmering mane using this glitter bead kit. The kit includes an all natural serum that won’t harm your beard, golden glitter, and a handy bib that’ll keep your body clean as you’re applying the glitter.