Glitter Beard Kit

  • Glitter Beard Kit

    Glitter Beard Kit

    Transform your dull facial hair into a shiny and shimmering mane using this glitter bead kit. The kit includes an all natural serum that won’t harm your beard, golden glitter, and a handy bib that’ll keep your body clean as you’re applying the glitter.

  • Floating Birthday Candle

    Floating Birthday Candle

    Kick off your birthday like a raging alcoholic by blowing out the celebratory candle on this drink float. The candle’s wedge shaped base allows it to float steadily above the drink’s alcoholic surface so you can celebrate your birthday like the lively drunkard you are.

  • Floating Cooler

    Floating Cooler

    Stay pruny while you get drunk at the local clubhouse pool with this floating cooler. The floating base features six convenient cup holders and houses the large cooler full of drinks that you can pass to underage kids who’ll put up with your belligerent stories of past glory.

  • shark-attack-mug

    Shark Attack Mug

    Drink with caution – there is a deadly surprise waiting at the bottom of this drinking mug. As you slowly drink and the liquid levels drop, the deadly shark reveals itself, sure to scare the living hell out of someone drinking from it for the first time.

  • MVMT Watches

    MVMT Watches

    Remain as dapper as ever without breaking the bank by accessorizing with one of these MVMT watches. This affordable yet fashion forward collection offers a wide selection of high end watch faces and interchangeable straps that you can mix and match.

  • Caffeinated Shaving Cream

    Caffeinated Shaving Cream

    Give your morning routine a little extra kick by lathering up with this caffeinated shaving cream. Made from all natural ingredients, it’s fortified with rich antioxidants to help reduce the appearance of redness and keep you feeling fresh and energized.

  • Hangover Remedy Tablets

    Hangover Remedy Tablets

    Speed up your recovery after a night of some heavy binge drinking by taking these hangover remedy tablets the morning after. These FDA regulated tablets are designed to hydrate your body and relieve unpleasant symptoms like headaches and wine shits.

  • Shotgun 12 Gauge Shot Glasses

    Shotgun 12 Gauge Shot Glasses

    These shotgun shot glasses are probably the only time you want to take a 12 gauge to the face. Makes a great gift for those who love guns, alcohol, and drinking. Also possibly the only fun way mix guns and alcohol and not have things end badly.

  • Hidden Bladder Flask

    Hidden Bladder Flask

    Easily take your beer or liquor anywhere in this hidden bladder flask. Onlookers will think you are peeing into a cup and drinking from it, a la Bear Grylls, but you’ll have the last laugh as you sneak in that sweet nectar that’s warm from the heat given off from your crotch!

  • Metal Chain Wine Stand

    Metal Chain Wine Stand

    Confuse your brain while storing your wine bottles with this clever metal chain bottle rack. The metal chain appears to be loosely hanging, but it is actually locked into it’s bottle holding position, making for an interesting wine rack for any home and a cool house warming gift.

  • Workaholics Bear Coat

    Workaholics Bear Coat

    If you’ve got a tight butthole, then you need to get yourself a bear coat. This amazing bear coat is styled after the glorious coat worn by Blake from Workaholics, giving you a straight grizzly look while also keeping you warm during long hours in that cold cubicle space.

  • World’s Smallest Stick On LED

    World’s Smallest Stick On LED

    Illuminate the darkest and hardest to reach places with ease using the world’s smallest stick on LED. Virtually indestructible, this light comes with a high strength adhesive that’ll stick anywhere and includes long lasting alkaline batteries.