Barrel Aged Whiskey Coffee

  • Barrel Aged Whiskey Coffee

    Barrel Aged Whiskey Coffee

    Start your day off on the right foot by giving your morning cup of joe an extra kick of flavor with this barrel aged whiskey roast. It offers a distinct flavor with raw Peruvian coffee beans that have been soaked in authentic oak whiskey barrels.

  • Horn Shaped Coffee Mug

    Horn Shaped Coffee Mug

    Channel your inner barbarian when you’re enjoying your premium roast by sipping it from this horn shaped coffee mug. This 100% leak-proof 12 ounce mug is crafted from BPA-free plastic and comes with a set of straps so you can easily tote it around town.

  • Hot Dog Criss Cross Slicer

    Hot Dog Criss Cross Slicer

    Grill up the best dogs you’ve ever tasted using this hot dog criss cross slicer. The distinct carved diamond pattern makes it cook faster, leaves behind crispy caramelized-edges, holds condiments better, and provides enhanced bun gripping traction.

  • Viking Drinking Horn

    Viking Drinking Horn

    Throw out your lame golden chalice and drink like a mighty warlord with the viking drinking horn. This epic 24 ounce beverage holder is shaped like the tusk of an elephant, and is rumored to emanate the shouts of fallen vikings if you hold the drinking horn up to your ear.

  • Batman Snuggie Blanket

    Batman Snuggie Blanket

    Keep warm and look like the Dark Knight with this Batman snuggie blanket! The snuggie blanket allows your hands to be free while still giving you the benefit of wearing a full adult size blanket, and makes a great gift idea for the little crime fighter.

  • Wireless TV Headphones

    Wireless TV Headphones

    Watch your favorite late night movies without waking up your significant other using these wireless TV headphones. They provide a comfortable fit, clear crisp sound, and feature a rechargeable battery that can go for 10 hours on a single charge.

  • Wild Game Jerky

    Wild Game Jerky

    Gorge yourself on nearly every creature in the animal kingdom by snacking on some wild game jerky. Why stop at just beef? It’s a good thing someone asked this question because it led to the creation of some of the most tasty jerky on the market – yum!

  • Micro-Adjustable No-Holes Belt

    Micro-Adjustable No-Holes Belt

    Get the perfect fit every time by wearing this micro-adjustable no-holes belt. The ingenious design features a solid buckle that clamps onto the belt at the exact point you need  – making it ideal for those holiday feasts where your waistline expands in a single sitting.

  • Hidden Flask Mittens

    Hidden Flask Mittens

    Battle the cold by staying warm in more ways than one using these hidden flasks mittens. Apart from shielding your fingers from the frigid weather, the left hand mitten comes equipped with a discreet three ounce flask you can sip from your thumb.

  • Bacon Lovers Feast Gift Basket

    Bacon Lovers Feast Gift Basket

    Make your favorite carnivore’s mouth water with this bacon lovers feast gift basket. This bountiful basket comes packed with three 1 pound bags of prime cracked pepper and garlic bacon, applewood smoked maple sugar bacon, and chipotle bacon.

  • Under Desk Gun Holster

    Under Desk Gun Holster

    Be prepared for anything the rat race throws at you by keeping your piece handy with the under desk gun holster. The tough synthetic plate features an elastic holster able to accommodate virtually any type of handgun so it’s always there when you need it.

  • Dick Mug

    Dick Mug

    Start your morning off right – by drinking warm liquid from a dick with this uniquely designed coffee mug. Perfect for the home or office, the ceramic mug’s humorous message will bring some much needed levity to your day.