Seinfeld Kramer’s Ass Man License Plate

  • Seinfeld Kramer’s Ass Man License Plate

    Seinfeld Kramer’s Ass Man License Plate

    Let the world know the ASSMAN is back in town when you stroll down the streets with Kramer’s Ass Man license plate on your ’73 Implala. You’ll turn heads and get laughs wherever you go with this classic Seinfeld prop on your car’s bumper.

  • Navy SEAL Survival Book

    Navy SEAL Survival Book

    Luck is for chumps. Ensure you’re ready when disaster strikes by studying this Navy SEAL survival book. Written by former SEAL and survival expert Cade Courtley, the book shows you step-by-step instructions on how to handle virtually anything.

  • Hot Sauce Challenge Pack

    Hot Sauce Challenge Pack

    Put your taste buds and anus through the gauntlet by taking on the hot sauce challenge pack. The pack includes an assortment of small .75 ounce bottles containing 12 different kinds of sauces ranging from “mild” to “kick yo’ ass hot”.

  • Beer Bottle Stein Lid

    Beer Bottle Stein Lid

    Class up your watered down domestic brew with this beer bottle stein lid. The small lid features a sturdy metal clip that attaches to most bottles to provide a convenient way of keeping bugs out while making yourself look like a beer connoisseur.

  • Portable Roll Out Work Surface

    Portable Roll Out Work Surface

    Keep your work area clean while performing dirty jobs by using this portable roll out work surface. Apart from being waterproof, this durable composite mat is grease, gas, and oil resistant so you can work in peace without worrying about making a mess.

  • Thumb Wrestling Ring

    Thumb Wrestling Ring

    Now that thumb wrestling is an officially accepted sport at the Olympics, you can now train with unparalleled realism with these thumb wrestling rings. Just have you and your sparring partner slip your thumbs up in the wrestling ring, and have at it!

  • Vintage Playing Cards

    Vintage Playing Cards

    Give your poker nights a wild west feel to it by playing with the vintage playing cards. Each card in this unique deck is distressed in order to achieve a vintage look that’ll make everyone think you picked them up at the general store in the year 1870.

  • Darth Vader And Son Book

    Darth Vader And Son Book

    Wonder no more what life would have been like for Luke if his neglectful old man had been around more often with the Darth Vader and Son book. This adorably illustrated book features 64 pages of Star Wars themed hijinks, and makes a great gift for Father’s Day.

  • Caffeinated Soap

    Caffeinated Soap

    Start your morning shower with a jolt of energy by using the Shower Shock caffeinated soap bar. These soap bars are filled with 200 milligrams of caffeine, good for twelve showers that will wake you up when you’re feeling tired and groggy.

  • Multi-Function BBQ Tool

    Multi-Function BBQ Tool

    Every grill master needs this multi-function barbecue tool! This versatile gadget sports a durable stainless steel construction and incorporates seven useful tools like a bottle opener, spatula, and tongs – and makes an excellent Father’s Day gift.

  • Log Shaped Liquor Dispenser

    Log Shaped Liquor Dispenser

    Serve up drinks in style by placing your spirits in this quaint log shaped liquor dispenser. Made from quality Ohio hardwood, they fit a wide range of bottle sizes and stand at eight inches tall making them an ideal size for any counter top.

  • Samurai Sword Umbrella

    Samurai Sword Umbrella

    Defend your honor, family, and most importantly your outfit from the rain with the samurai sword umbrella safely in your kung-fu grip. The umbrella boasts a long Japanese sword handle to improve handling and comes with a cool sheath for convenient transport.