Poundtown Condom

  • Poundtown Condom

    Poundtown Condom

    Ladies, get your tickets and hop aboard for a one way trip to poundtown! Whether you choose the scenic or express route, when your man uses one of these poundtown condoms you know you’re in for two solid minutes of pure bliss!

  • Bulletproof Shotglass

    Bulletproof Shotglass

    Take a shot to the face in more ways than one by drinking your favorite poison from these bulletproof shotglasses. Made from high quality glass, each one of these 1.5 ounce shot glasses creates the illusion they’re being penetrated by an incoming bullet.

  • Dragon Skull Incense Burner

    Dragon Skull Incense Burner

    Want to keep your house smelling fresh but keep your grizzled reputation intact? Well then the Dragon Skull Incense Burner is here to help you – the incense smoke releases from this epic looking Dragon’s nostrils allowing your house to smell and look great.

  • Two Stage Pro Knife Sharpener

    Two Stage Pro Knife Sharpener

    Keep every knife in your collection razor sharp with the two stage pro knife sharpener. The sharpener is ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable and natural grip in addition to providing two stages of sharpening – fine and coarse.

  • Cabin Porn Book

    Cabin Porn Book

    Find your inner peace by escaping the modern world around you while perusing through this Cabin Porn book. Each page transports you to an idyllic country setting where you’ll find some of the most remarkable rural homes in the whole world.

  • Pressurized Portable Growler

    Pressurized Portable Growler

    This pressurized portable growler keeps your beer remarkably fresh and makes it convenient to share with friends. This large 64 ounce growler comes with a built-in spout and sports a rugged stainless steel exterior that’s vacuum insulated to keep beer chilled.

  • Compact Wilderness Survival Tool

    Compact Wilderness Survival Tool

    Easily carry everything you need to survive the great outdoors in your pocket with this compact wilderness survival tool. Forged from metal, this credit card sized tool contains six useful tools ranging from fish hooks to snare locks and sewing needles.

  • Small Batch Beer Making Kit

    Small Batch Beer Making Kit

    Become a true beer connoisseur by brewing your own life-giving nectar using this small batch beer making kit. This compact handcrafted pine kit comes with everything you’ll need to begin brewing and complete your first one gallon batch in just three weeks.

  • Flushable Wipes For Dudes

    Flushable Wipes For Dudes

    Keep your man bits fresh while on the go by making sure you carry some flushable wipes for dudes. The wipes feature a huge 44 square inch surface and contain vitamin E and soothing aloes that are perfect for cleaning any part of the body – especially the balls.

  • The Man Who Made Things Out Of Trees

    The Man Who Made Things Out Of Trees

    The Man Who Made Things Out Of Trees is the fascinating read that tells the story of how one individual cut down a single tree to see how many things could be crafted from it. It features vivid storytelling in addition to 8 pages of lively illustrations.

  • Cologne Wipes

    Cologne Wipes

    Ensure you’re always smelling fantastic by using these portable cologne wipes. These classy wipes are packaged inside compact napkin sized envelopes and come in one of five intoxicating scents – making them ideal for the modern gentleman on-the-go.

  • Key Ring Multi-Tool Scissors

    Key Ring Multi-Tool Scissors

    Keep a plethora of useful tools at your fingertips by carrying these key ring multi-tool scissors. Crafted from stainless steel, the clever design makes use of every inch by incorporating tools like a bottle opener and screwdriver tips in addition to the razor sharp scissors.