Workaholics Bear Coat

  • Workaholics Bear Coat

    Workaholics Bear Coat

    If you’ve got a tight butthole, then you need to get yourself a bear coat. This amazing bear coat is styled after the glorious coat worn by Blake from Workaholics, giving you a straight grizzly look while also keeping you warm during long hours in that cold cubicle space.

  • World’s Smallest Stick On LED

    World’s Smallest Stick On LED

    Illuminate the darkest and hardest to reach places with ease using the world’s smallest stick on LED. Virtually indestructible, this light comes with a high strength adhesive that’ll stick anywhere and includes long lasting alkaline batteries.

  • Beer Ammo Bandolier

    Beer Ammo Bandolier

    This beer ammo bandolier is the perfect way to carry a 12 pack of beer when tailgating or at parties. If G.I. Joe were an alcoholic, he’d use this beer ammo bandolier. It’s the perfect party themed gift for the raging military man.

  • I Will Not Be Your Father Condoms

    I Will Not Be Your Father Condoms

    Protect your rock hard lightsaber from the the dark side of sexual intercourse with the “I will not be your father” condoms. Just look at what happened to Anakin – he failed to use protection – couldn’t handle the responsibility, and became Darth Vader. Don’t be that guy.

  • Self Setting Rubber

    Self Setting Rubber

    Save bundles by repairing old and broken cables with this self setting rubber. This miracle rubber can be easily molded by hand, cures overnight at room temperature, and bonds to all kinds of everyday items like steel, glass, wood, and aluminum.

  • Underwear Gloves

    Underwear Gloves

    Keep your hands warm and toasty with these stylish underwear gloves. These fingerless underwear gloves look just like real underwear and are made from 95% cotton, giving a comfortable feel while you parade around with men’s underwear for gloves.

  • Stainless Steel Whiskey Stones

    Stainless Steel Whiskey Stones

    Keep your prized scotch chilled without it ever becoming diluted using these stainless steel whiskey stones. They’re made using high quality steel with natural antibacterial properties and come in a handy plastic box for easy storage.

  • Beer Holster

    Beer Holster

    Easily store your beer on your hip while your hands are busy barbequing, lifting weights, boxing, and doing other manly activities that tie up the use of both your hands. Or have stand offs with other beer slingers to see who has the quickest draw time.

  • Virtual Infrared Keyboard

    Virtual Infrared Keyboard

    Have a keyboard with you any where you go with this virtual infrared keyboard. This virtual infrared keyboard is the size a cell phone but allows you have the functionality of a full size keyboard, with the added benefit of wireless Bluetooth technology.

  • Pocket Rescue Tool

    Pocket Rescue Tool

    Keep a multitude of useful tools at your immediate disposal by carrying the pocket rescue tool. Its compact form is small enough to fit in your hand yet contains over seven extremely useful tools – such as wire strippers, a screwdriver, and a bottle opener.

  • The Bierstick Beer Bong

    The Bierstick Beer Bong

    The Bierstick beer bong is your ticket to chugging up to 24 ounces of beer in less than two seconds! It fits up to 24 ounces of your favorite beverage and comes with a friction-fit mouthpiece that allows for quick filling and cleaning.

  • Machete Spatula

    Machete Spatula

    Slice through anything that comes your way while manning the BBQ by grilling with this machete spatula. The solid oak handle provides a secure sturdy grip while the modified blade allows you to do everything from flipping a patty to opening a cold brewski.