Fart Gas Neutralizer Underwear

  • Fart Gas Neutralizer Underwear

    Fart Gas Neutralizer Underwear

    Kiss the days of having to control your flatulence goodbye with help from the fart gas neutralizer underwear. The neutralizer adheres discretely to clothing and contains antimicrobial activated charcoal technology that kill the stench before innocent bystanders suffer.

  • Wooden Stacking Blocks Drinking Game

    Wooden Stacking Blocks Drinking Game

    Put your motor skills to the ultimate test next time you go drinking by playing this drunken tower drinking game. Each block comes printed with a short command instructing you and nearby players on how much alcohol to consume while you remove the blocks.

  • Faceless Watch

    Faceless Watch

    If minimalistic elegance is your aim, then the faceless watch will be right up your alley. This watch’s intrepid design eliminates the bulky face in favor of a digital LED display built right into the band. It’s understatement at its finest and most stylish.

  • Sexy Wolf Crotch Underwear

    Sexy Wolf Crotch Underwear

    For the wild and untamable man it doesn’t get much better than the sexy wolf crotch underwear. Considered by many as the male version of lingerie, these sexy pair of undies are ideal for long nights of primal love-making with your mate.

  • Wireless Charging Pad

    Wireless Charging Pad

    Charge your smartphone or tablet like never before using this wireless charging pad. It’s compatible with a range of devices and utilizes Qi inductive charging technology which eliminates the need to attach a charging cable.

  • Target Practice Alarm Clock

    Target Practice Alarm Clock

    Perfect your sharpshooter skills with this target practice alarm clock that forces you to become a good shot to effectively turn off the annoying wake up alarm. This wireless clock will make waking up in the morning fun again, and includes bonus practice modes.

  • Sixteenth Century Globe Bar

    Sixteenth Century Globe Bar

    Bring a touch of sophistication to your man cave by storing your hooch inside this sixteenth century globe bar. The hollowed out inside of this 22″ diameter globe comes hand painted with lovely frescos while the exterior displays an antique 16th century nautical map.

  • Beer Cap Maps

    Beer Cap Maps

    Take your liver on a cross-country journey of inebriation as you try to fill the entire beer cap maps. This novelty wooden map lets you display your vast bottle cap collection with regards to their geographic origin making this a great accent for any home bar.

  • Diseases Caused By Masturbation Book

    Diseases Caused By Masturbation Book

    At long last, the terrifying truth has been revealed! Originally published in 1760 – an age of enlightenment and scientific advancement – Diseases Caused By Masturbation is a medical treatise that examines the horrific side-affects that occur from diddling yourself!

  • Ultra Fast Defrosting Tray

    Ultra Fast Defrosting Tray

    Defrost rock solid slabs of meat in mere minutes by setting them on top of the ultra fast defrosting tray. The thermal conductive material of the tray dramatically speeds up the thawing process so your meat and poultry are ready to cook when you need them.

  • Ultimate Party Travel Guide

    Ultimate Party Travel Guide

    Life is too short to spend sober – that’s why the Ultimate Party Travel Guide is here to show you the best party spots on the planet. From pub crawls to beach parties, the guide shows you over 100 of the world’s best places to get completely wasted.

  • Push Up Training System

    Push Up Training System

    Build the panty dropping chest, guns, and back muscles you’ve always dreamed off by working out with the push up training system. The specially color coded wooden board helps you keep proper form as you sculpt your body like Michelangelo.