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  • Bongzilla Beer Bong

    Bongzilla Beer Bong

    Get your party-goers rip-roaring drunk in record time with the Bongzilla beer bong. This party monster holds up to 12 cans of beer and comes with a series of six bright green hoses – complete with valves – so your thirsty guests can chug until they drop.

  • Mother of All Bomb Cups

    Mother of All Bomb Cups

    Like drinking bomb shots? – Jager Bombs & Cherry Bombs. You came to the right place. The patent pending MOAB Cup is the newest, most innovative way to drink bomb shots. Whether you are a die-hard or casual bomb drinker, you need to try these cups!

  • Hopsulator Trio 3-in-1 Beer Cooler

    Hopsulator Trio 3-in-1 Beer Cooler

    Hate warm beer? The Hopsulator TRiO is the world’s first 3-in-1, insulated beer koozie that fits 16oz cans, includes a freezable adapter for 12oz cans, and a lid for use as a pint glass while keeping your favorite beverage 20x colder than a standard koozie.

  • The Knockout Beer Water Gravity Bong

    The Knockout Beer/Water/Gravity Bong

    I used to prefer my knockouts served as Fireball shots and right hooks, but this Knockout, a new twist on the beer bong, might leave those standards unconscious and bleeding from the ear on the floor. Designed for attachment around any standard bottle top, the Knockout looks like a bent metal straw fitted with a bright red Super Mario plumbing.. Read More

  • Outdoor Polar Ice Freezer

    Outdoor Polar Ice Freezer

    When I saw this Polar Temp freezer I was immediately reminded of 2 things. 1) How picky my mama is about ice. When I was little she’d drive us up to a corner store called Freddie’s to get it out of this exact style of Polar freezer, even if we’d already done all of the other grocery shopping at another.. Read More

  • Hidden Liquor Flask Ice Pack

    Hidden Liquor Flask Ice Pack

    Kick up the fun factor during your next outdoor excursion by sneaking in a drink or four inside the hidden liquor flask ice pack. This seemingly inconspicuous ice pack is actually a stealthy and leak-proof 14 ounce BPA plastic flask that won’t alter the taste of your beverage one bit.

  • Prosecco Pong

    Prosecco Pong

    Getting completely trashed at fancy soirees just became socially acceptable thanks to Prosecco Pong. Unlike the plebeian game of beer pong, this version comes with 3 pink ping pong balls and 12 wide Prosecco glasses ideal for filling up with some bubbly.

  • Battleship Floating Beer Pong

    Battleship Floating Beer Pong

    Add an entire new level of difficulty and realism to a classic game by playing a few rounds of Battleship floating beer pong. Simply fill up the cups with the beverage of your choice and start bombarding your enemy for a day of fun and inebriation.

  • Silicone Bottle Caps

    Silicone Bottle Caps

    Keep your open brew from going stale before you’re done drinking it by using one of these silicone bottle caps. These brightly colored flexible silicone caps are designed to fit most standard beer bottles and come in sets of six – a must-have for serious beer drinker.

  • Flask Sandals

    Flask Sandals

    Stay liquored up wherever you go with these flask sandals that let you store alcohol under your feet. Perfect for boozing it up at the beach or pool, these flask sandals hold only 1.5 ounces of liquid, so make sure you only pack the strong stuff!

  • Beer Pong Golf

    Beer Pong Golf

    If you think regular beer pong has gotten too easy, then have a swing at beer pong golf. This insanely fun hybrid game puts your aim, accuracy, and golf swing to the ultimate test as you try to swing a golf ball into one of the nine cups.

  • Freezable Gel Shot Glasses

    Freezable Gel Shot Glasses

    Storing your liqour in the freezer isn’t enough – only the freezable gel shot glasses will ensure your liquor remains icy cold as it makes its way to sucker punch your liver. Once frozen, these colorful shot glasses function as plastic ice cubes you can drink out of!