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  • Military Folding Shovel Multi-Tool

    Military Folding Shovel Multi-Tool

    This military folding shovel multi-tool is the extremely rugged and versatile accessory no avid outdoorsman should be without. It’s crafted from high carbon steel and provides you with a range of useful tools ranging from a fire starter to a rescue knife and a saw.

  • Dirigo 2 Ultralight Backpacking Tent

    Dirigo 2 Ultralight Backpacking Tent

    The Dirigo 2 is the ultralight backpacking tent that shelters you from the elements without weighing you down. This three-season tent is made from the ultra durable and lightweight Dyneema fabric and is large enough to sleep two.

  • Companion Emergency Survival System

    Companion Emergency Survival System

    Companion is the most advanced two-person emergency survival system on the planet. This adaptable and ultra compact pack comes loaded with everything that you’ll need to sustain yourself and someone else for the first 72 hours of any catastrophe.

  • Portable Off-Grid Solar Generator Kit

    Portable Off-Grid Solar Generator Kit

    Ensure you’re never left without power, even if you’re miles away from civilization by plugging your devices into this portable off-grid solar generator kit. It can either be charged by solar or AC power and features everything from DC to USB ports.

  • The Flashlight That Runs On Any Battery

    The Flashlight That Runs On Any Battery

    The flashlight that runs on any battery is the flashlight we’ve all been waiting for. The Any-Battery flashlight from Panasonic will work with either AAA, AA, C, or D batteries and can be utilized as either a flashlight or a lantern.

  • ZipStitch Laceration Kit

    ZipStitch Laceration Kit

    ZipStitch is the surgical-quality laceration kit that could save your life if you’re ever injured and there’s no hospital in sight. This over-the-counter and easy to use kit allows you to conveniently and effectively close up deep cuts without the use of stitches.

  • VSSL First Aid Container

    VSSL First Aid Container

    Be prepared for any minor injury that may occur in the wild without being weighed down by placing the VSSL first aid container in your backpack. This slim 9″ x 2″ container comes packed with 17 high quality medical-grade first aid essentials.

  • Predator Off Road RV

    Predator Off Road RV

    Why stick to the highways when you can venture into the much more appealing beaten path with the Predator Off Road RV? This behemoth was made from a retired military tactical vehicle, making it one of the most versatile and unique RVs out there.

  • PowerTalkie Off-Grid Walkie Talkie

    PowerTalkie Off-Grid Walkie Talkie

    Stay connected even when you venture off into the great outdoors by taking the PowerTalkie off-grid walkie talkie with you. It allows your smartphone to remain connected to the digital world even when there is absolutely no mobile service available in your area.

  • The 72 Hour Survival Kit Backpack

    The 72 Hour Survival Kit Backpack

    Prolong your existence in any emergency situation by keeping this 72-hour survival kit backpack by your side. It features an air-tight construction and is packed with over 35 expertly curated survival tools designed for all types situations.

  • Bulletproof Ground Stealth Fighter

    Bulletproof Ground Stealth Fighter

    If Batman had a SUV, the Karlmann King Bulletproof Ground Stealth Fighter would be it. This all-black 4×4 monster boasts a 6.8-liter V10 while the exterior is covered in carbon fiber and sheet metal slabs that make this vehicle a street legal urban tank.

  • Emergency Survival Seed Pack

    Emergency Survival Seed Pack

    Ensure a steady supply of food in the event society collapses by growing your own crops using the emergency survival seed pack. Encased inside the 15 year shelf life waterproof Mylar bag are thousands of seeds to provide you with a healthy diet year round.