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  • The World’s Safest Bike Helmet

    The World’s Safest Bike Helmet

    Minimize the risk of serious head trauma if you fall off your ride by making sure the world’s safest bike helmet is firmly strapped on. The innovative design features layers of WaveCel material that flex independently to absorb both direct and rotational energy from impacts.

  • Shift S1 Folding Electric Bike

    Shift S1 Folding Electric Bike

    The Shift S1 folding electric bike is the ultra-portable ride perfect for your weekday commute. It comes with a long-lasting on-board battery with a 15 mile range and a 350 Watt motor that will let you cruise comfortably a 20 miles per hour.

  • Sno-Go Bike

    Sno-Go Bike

    Reimagine what you thought was possible on snow by hitting the slopes on the Sno-Go Bike. It can be adjusted to accommodate riders ranging from 5’2″ to 6’1″ while the bold design provides for greater stability and control as you bomb your favorite hills.

  • 360 Degree Bicycle Wheel Reflector

    360 Degree Bicycle Wheel Reflector

    Decrease the risk of possible accidents on nocturnal rides by outfitting your ride with these 360 degree bicycle wheel reflectors. These ultra bight reflectors will guarantee that you’ll be seen no matter what direction the traffic is coming from.

  • The Foldable Bike Helmet

    The Foldable Bike Helmet

    Ditch those ugly and bulky helmets and ride round in style by upgrading to the foldable bike helmet from Park & Diamond. It features a form-fitting design that’s styled to look like a regular baseball cap and can fold down flat so that you can easily carry it around inside your bag.

  • Zip-On Bicycle Tire System

    Zip-On Bicycle Tire System

    Ride from the mountains to the streets with this easy to use zip-tire system. The reTyre One system lets you easily slide on the tire that best matches your terrain, so you can go from gravel to snow-ready in just under 60 seconds!

  • Sol Motors Pocket Rocket Bike

    Sol Motors Pocket Rocket Bike

    The good people at SOL Motors are looking to make your daily commute a lot more fun and enjoyable with their Pocket Rocket electric bike. Weighing just 121 lbs, it’s equipped with an 8.5 horsepower hub-mounted e-motor that will accelerate you up to speeds of 50 mph.

  • LED Reflective Cycling & Running Vest

    LED Reflective Cycling & Running Vest

    Ensure you remain visible to oncoming traffic when you’re exercising at night by heading out in this LED reflective cycling and running vest. This fashionable vest comes fitted with thin LED strips over the front and lower back so that you stand out in dark environments.

  • The Chainless Bike Drivetrain

    The Chainless Bike Drivetrain

    Greasy and unreliable chains may soon become a thing of the past thanks to this chainless bike drivetrain from CeramicSpeed. The bold design eliminates the need for derailleurs and chains with a revolutionary carbon fiber shaft-driven bearing gear.

  • The Halfbike

    The Halfbike

    Halfbike brings a completely new experience to anyone seeking the new challenge. A new type of vehicle that awakes your natural instinct to move and makes you feel like a kid again. It’s foldable, compact, and light so that you can take it anywhere with you.

  • Adjustable Suspension Bicycle Seatpost

    Adjustable Suspension Bicycle Seatpost

    Now you can smooth out your riding experience with the ShockStop adjustable suspension bicycle seatpost. It has 35mm of suspension travel and allows you to conveniently adjust the spring stiffness to match your specific riding style.

  • Faux Pas Reflective Cycling Jacket

    Avoid becoming roadkill during your next night ride by heading out in the Faux Pas reflective cycling jacket. This lightweight thermal jacket is made with a water-resistant and windproof fabric that is highly light sensitive so your entire torso lights up.