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  • X-Files Activity And Coloring Book

    X-Files Activity And Coloring Book

    Get your daily fill of the weird, mysterious, and unexplained by killing an afternoon with the X-Files activity and coloring book. This fun activity book comes jam-packed with everything from challenging word searches to coloring pages.

  • Why We Love Star Wars Book

    Why We Love Star Wars Book

    Fall in love with one of the most epic sagas in film history all over again by making Why We Love Star Wars your next read. The author recounts some of the most memorable moments in the film series like the first time we saw the crackle of Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber.

  • LEGO Micro Cities Book

    LEGO Micro Cities Book

    This LEGO Micro Cities book is a must-have for any architect-in-training. This incredibly well illustrated and written book will show you how to construct incredibly intricate miniature cities complete with everything from bridges to towering skyscrapers.

  • Toddlers Are A-Holes

    Toddlers Are A-Holes

    Rest easy knowing that your parenting skills aren’t to blame for your little spawn of Satan’s hellish behavior by diving into the Toddlers Are A**holes book. This satirical guide explores every facet of toddlerhood to show you how toddler a**holery is normal and not your fault at all.

  • New York Times Chronicles Of Star Wars

    New York Times Chronicles Of Star Wars

    Follow the publicated history of one of film’s most iconic franchises by reading the New York Times Chronicles of Star Wars. This compendium contains all the important articles, graphics, photos, obituaries and behind-the-scenes exclusives that have appeared in The Times.

  • Hollow Book Safes with Flasks

    Hollow Book Safes with Flasks

    Leave the gun. Take the cannoli. We’ll wash it down with my flask of Remy Martin. Minnesotans Kara and John Witham have made a full-time career out of crafting these elegant and devious hollowed-out books with hidden flasks. Their Secret Safe Books feature iconic titles, cult classics, and niche favorites all carved out with a scroll saw and adhered with.. Read More

  • This Book Is A Camera

    This Book Is A Camera

    If you’ve been bit by the shutterbug, This Book Is A Camera is a must-have! It comes with a working pop-up 4″ x 5″ pinhole lens camera that helps demonstrate how it can tap into the intrinsic properties of light to produce a photograph.

  • USB Book & Disco Party Light

    USB Book & Disco Party Light

    From nose buried in Organic Chemistry to ass shakin’ to the Chemical Brothers. This USB LED light might be small, but its versatility and output are mighty. Plug the USB into a laptop, power bank, or any other USB outlet and select from 3W of solid white LED Business or auto-rotating RGB Party. A flexible 4″ metal cable adjusts light direction and.. Read More

  • Star Wars Paper Kirigami Book

    Star Wars Paper Kirigami Book

    Elevate your paper folding skills to Yoda-like levels by sitting down with this Star Wars paper Kirigami book. Using nothing more than a ruler, a cutting mat, and a utility knife, you’ll be able to craft up to 15 different spaceships from the Star Wars universe.

  • Tinder Nightmares Book

    Tinder Nightmares Book

    Feel better about your hopeless love life by flipping through the pages of the Tinder Nightmares book. All of the iconic dating app’s worst and most cringe worthy attempts at mating are now at your fingertips, ensuring the destruction of your entire faith in romance.

  • Man And Sea Book

    Man And Sea Book

    Embark on an eye opening journey through our world’s vast oceans within the pages of the Man and Sea book. This compelling book takes you on a tour of the seven seas through page after page of visually stunning aerial and underwater photographs.

  • The Bartender’s Cocktail Book

    The Bartender’s Cocktail Book

    Learn how to become a masterful barman from the comfort of home with the help of The Bartender’s Cocktail book. The book shows thirsty individuals how to skillfully prepare all PDT’s  300+ signature cocktails such as the bacon infused bourbon.