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  • Broke Millennial

    Broke Millennial

    Stop scraping by and take control of your money by reading Broke Millennial. This highly informative read is aimed at teaching perpetually broke 20- and 30-somethings valuable life skills such as how to budget, invest, and manage credit card debt.

  • Awkward Moments Children’s Bible

    Awkward Moments Children’s Bible

    The Awkward Moments Children’s Bible is the hilarious adult themed read designed to get you thinking critically about the good book. It combines a series of actual bible verses and whimsical illustrations to get readers thinking about how the Bible shapes our culture.

  • Tinder Nightmares Book

    Tinder Nightmares Book

    Feel better about your hopeless love life by flipping through the pages of the Tinder Nightmares book. All of the iconic dating app’s worst and most cringe worthy attempts at mating are now at your fingertips, ensuring the destruction of your entire faith in romance.

  • This Book Is A Planetarium Pop-Up Book

    This Book Is A Planetarium Pop-Up Book

    Use your down time to get to know the various constellations in the sky with help from This Book Is A Planetarium. This educational pop-up book comes with everything from a perpetual calendar and message decoder to a planetarium that projects the constellations.

  • Brenda’s Beaver Needs A Barber

    Brenda’s Beaver Needs A Barber

    Through the timeless power of the double entendre, you will be crying tears of laughter while you read this book to any blissfully ignorant kid. Each page will have you laughing harder than the last as Brenda and her little unkempt beaver hit the town for some wholesome fun.

  • Mastering Bitcoin For Dummies

    Mastering Bitcoin For Dummies

    Become an expert in the fast emerging world of cryptocurrency by reading Mastering Bitcoin For Dummies. You’ll learn the basics – like what Bitcoin is, where it came from, and how to use it – so that you can buy, invest, and learn how to keep your money safe.

  • A Die Hard Christmas Book

    A Die Hard Christmas Book

    What better way to spend the holiday season than by following John McClane on his latest adventure in A Die Hard Christmas book. You’ll follow the iconic action hero as he tries to rescue his wife and her coworkers when their holiday party turns into a deadly hostage situation.

  • Revolver Bookend

    Revolver Bookend

    Keep all the reading material in your home organized just like they did in the olden days with the revolver bookend. This incredibly life-like revolver is styled after the antique revolvers made famous by the spaghetti westerns of the silver screen.

  • Jim Henson Career Book

    Jim Henson Career Book

    This book distills Jim Henson’s career philosophy into ten lessons then illustrates them with examples from his business dealings, movies, and TV shows. It’s a true a walk down memory lane for anyone who grew up with Kermit, Snuffy, and the Fraggles.

  • Unnecessary Quotation Marks Book

    Unnecessary Quotation Marks Book

    When you need a break from TV but still want a good laugh, the Unnecessary Quotation Marks book delivers page after page of hilarious content. This entertaining read delivers various examples of quotations used for sarcastic and suggestive purposes.

  • The Simpsons Family History Book

    The Simpsons Family History Book

    Learn everything there is to know about America’s favorite animated family with The Simpsons Family History book. You’ll be taken on a trip through their comedic past to reveal all the events that transformed them into longest running prime time animated show.

  • Where’s The Zombie Book

    Where’s The Zombie Book

    Prepare yourself for the coming apocalypse by training your eyes to spot the undead with the “Where’s The Zombie” book. Like a “Where’s Waldo with zombies”, it comes chock full of gruesomely funny illustrations making it a perfect gift for any zombie lover.