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  • Pet Ghost In A Bottle

    Pet Ghost In A Bottle

    Keep your best buddy close at all times with the pet ghost in a bottle. This pet requires minimal upkeep and emits ghoulish sounds every so often so you never feel like you’re completely alone. Finally, a pet that won’t die if you forget to feed it – because it’s already dead!

  • The World’s Most Elegant Water Bottle

    The World’s Most Elegant Water Bottle

    Hashy is the reusable insulated stainless steel water bottle. Inspired by premium perfume bottles, it is elegantly designed to keep you hydrated all day, keeping beverages hot or cold for hours thanks to its vacuum insulation.

  • Bottle Cap Shooting Bottle Opener

    Bottle Cap Shooting Bottle Opener

    Add a new level of fun to your drinking routine by popping open your brewskies using this bottle cap shooting bottle opener. This small and fun gadget allows you to instantly transform discarded bottle caps into little projectiles that you can fire over sixteen feet away.

  • Dragon Wine Bottle Holder

    Dragon Wine Bottle Holder

    Is it just me or is this dragon holding a wine bottle pretty much, um, adorable? It’s definitely cuter than every kid who’s ever shown up in my Facebook feed even though I try to unfriend people when they produce offspring, and almost as cute as I was back at that same tender suckling age. I’ve heard from selected third.. Read More

  • Hydrapak Stash Water Bottle

    Hydrapak Stash Water Bottle

    Little punk water bottle. Thinking you can kick back and spread out all over the place. Like you got a first class ticket to ride in my pack. I’ve got news for you…you…you self-entitled piece of BPA-free plastic: you’re going down. From 12″ to 2″ with a mere twist and a smash. The 750ml Stash Bottle from Hydrapak collapses easily.. Read More

  • Beer Bottle Stein Lid

    Beer Bottle Stein Lid

    With hats off and bottles raised we say Prost! And I’m not talking about the hats on our own heads, but those covering the heads of our beers. These stein lids have been shrunken down and noveltied up to fit over the tops of most beer bottles. The swell party favors or beer lover gifts are made of pewter and stand.. Read More

  • Pub-Nub Bike-Mounted Bottle Opener

    Pub-Nub Bike-Mounted Bottle Opener

    Most people I’ve seen riding bikes shouldn’t even be allowed to do it hanging on tight and sober, much less fiddling with a bottle and opener on their handlebar and drunk. Nonetheless, this Pub-Nub bike-mounted bottle opener is pretty cool! The oblong insert presses and secures into the end of a handlebar, giving cyclists perpetual access to an opener on.. Read More

  • Color-Changing Bottle Lamps

    Color-Changing Bottle Lamps

    Fred Fleming might like empty bottles of Grey Goose, Patron, and Fireball even more than he likes them full. The Connecticut-based artist repurposes glass liquor (and ketchup!) bottles into the swell LED light shows you see before you. With the help of an infrared remote control, Fleming’s color-changing Bodacious Bottle lamps will glow in your choice of 16 different RGB.. Read More

  • Bottle Pro Car Cup Holder Adapter

    Bottle Pro Car Cup Holder Adapter

    I know a car cup holder adapter that allows you to insert your Hydro Flask or Gatorade bottle without it flying out of the console every time you stop, turn, speed up, or slow down won’t change the world, or even your own life all that much, but I still think it’s a nice 21st century amenity to have. Right up there.. Read More

  • Oak Bottle - Ultra-Fast Barrel Aging

    Oak Bottle – Ultra-Fast Barrel Aging

    The Oak Bottle is barrel aging for people who are pressed for time, poor planners, or simply of the Veruca Salt persuasion: Daddy, I want a bottle of whiskey custom-infused with complex oak-aged flavors, and I want it NOW! You got it, angel. Daddy will send an oompa loompa over with a glass on the rocks in 48 hours or less... Read More

  • AquaFlask Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

    AquaFlask Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

    It’s bad enough when I myself sweat like a politician at heaven’s gates on a hot day, I don’t need my water bottle doing it too. The AquaFlask is a sturdy, economical double-wall-insulated stainless steel bottle, that will hold 27 ounces of your favorite beverage ice cold and sweat-free for hours. If you prefer hot stuff, the AquaFlask has your.. Read More

  • Cold Brew Coffee Maker & Travel Bottle

    Cold Brew Coffee Maker & Travel Bottle

    One of the benefits of cold brewed coffee is that it won’t make you sweat your balls off any harder than you already are this summer. I hear another is that the slow, heatless brewing process eliminates some of the “bite”–the acid and the bitterness–regular coffee develops during percolation. That said, I had a cup of cold brew the other.. Read More