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  • Dutch Lab Cold Drip Coffee Brewers

    Dutch Lab Cold Drip Coffee Brewers

    Two things I don’t know are what Dutch coffee even is and how to make even a cup of regular old coffee in the regular old coffee maker in our staff kitchenette (in fact, an office-wide vote has forbidden me from touching it). But one thing I do know is I sure would like to have one of Dutch Lab’s.. Read More

  • HyperChiller Iced Coffee Maker

    HyperChiller Iced Coffee Maker

    If you can hold your horses and swirl your wrist for 60 seconds or so, pure, refreshing iced coffee to start the day, or keep you chugging along through it, is yours. HyperChiller cools fresh hot coffee into fresh iced coffee in as little as a minute. The container’s multi-chamber, flash-chilling design also means your hot brew never touches ice;.. Read More

  • AOZORA Mini Coffee Press

    AOZORA Mini Coffee Press

    Your newest piece of EDC? A whole coffee maker. Don’t sweat it, though, because this one from AOZORA is tiny. Small enough to slip in your pocket. Or latch onto your backpack. At only 6-1/2″ long, the miniature coffee press could be the most portable and perpetual path to a fresh-brewed cup of caffeine you’ll ever stuff and steep. Sure.. Read More

  • Wake 'n' Bake Coffee Mug

    Wake ‘n’ Bake Coffee Mug

    There are a ton of these wake ‘n’ bake mugs out there, but I went with the delightful navy blue one you see here because its marketing is genius. Coffee or tea alongside my morning tokes? Pssshhh, F that. Fill that pipe with some Pineapple Express, and that mug with some silly-Rabbit-doggin’ Trix cereal. Preferably soaked in milk for 3 to.. Read More

  • Cold Brew Coffee Maker & Travel Bottle

    Cold Brew Coffee Maker & Travel Bottle

    One of the benefits of cold brewed coffee is that it won’t make you sweat your balls off any harder than you already are this summer. I hear another is that the slow, heatless brewing process eliminates some of the “bite”–the acid and the bitterness–regular coffee develops during percolation. That said, I had a cup of cold brew the other.. Read More

  • R2-D2 Coffee Press

    R2-D2 Coffee Press

    Get Beep-bee-bee-boop-buuuzzzzzzed with the R2-D2 coffee press. How could Star Wars geekery not lay its stamp on French-style caffeine extraction? The cylindrical shape of the classic French press is perfect. And what better way to enjoy a cup of fresh brew than straight from the precise droidian mouth of your trusty bud Artoo? The R2-D2 coffee Press has a 32-ounce capacity.. Read More

  • Bripe Coffee Brew Pipe

    Bripe Coffee Brew Pipe

    Sherlock Holmes approved. The Bripe is a nifty mashup of a coffee brewer and a pipe (and a less nifty mashup of the words “brewer” and “pipe.”) You can use it both to percolate your grounds beans and then slurp up the resultant shot, making the Bripe a super portable purveyor fresh-brewed coffee you can take with you pretty much.. Read More

  • Mokase Smartphone Cover Coffee Maker

    Mokase Smartphone Cover Coffee Maker

    Mo’ crazy, mo’ coffee, Mokase! It’s the latest mobile phone feature we 0% need but, while collectively rolling our eyes, some of us will still get: a smartphone case that brews coffee. Italian espresso, to be more precise. The Mokase mobile phone cover – forthcoming for both iPhone and Android – contains a disposable cartridge with enough fresh grounds to.. Read More

  • Flowering Penis Coffee Mug

    Flowering Penis Coffee Mug

    For all the ladies (and fellas!) who count floral patterns and penises amongst their favorite things, have I got a mug of a giftfor you. Clothing and accessory brand HUMAN goes for a very anatomical part of being one here with their flowering penis coffee mug. Look closely, it’s a cock-tical illusion! A big 15-ouncer with a large handle for easy.. Read More

  • Nuvo Eco Ceramic Coffee Bean Roaster

    Nuvo Eco Ceramic Coffee Bean Roaster

    During heating you need swing the Nuvo Eco Ceramic Roaster constantly, drawing an imaginary number “8” or an elliptical orbit. And hold tight to its leather-covered handle. Like in the video above. For, like, two-and-a-half minutes straight. Better have strong wrists and a mighty grip. I have strong wrists and a mighty grip. Coincidentally, I am also accustomed to bracing, gripping,.. Read More

  • My MUG Indestructible Ceramic Coffee Mug

    My MUG Indestructible Ceramic Coffee Mug

    Knock a My MUG off the counter and you might be cleaning up some liquid, but your solid form of matter will stay intact. Made to feel like ceramic in the hand, but behave like titanium when that hand is a wee bit clumsy, the My MUG is a virtually indestructible way to enjoy your cup of coffee, tea, or.. Read More

  • Coffee Mug Rick

    Coffee Mug Rick

    Look Morty, I’ve turned myself into a coffee mug. Boom, big reveal – it’s Coffee Mug Rick! This hilarious ceramic mug is designed with a dishwasher and microwave-safe graphic that creates the illusion you’re drinking from a coffee mug version of Rick Sanchez.