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  • MSI Vortex Mini Gaming Tower

    MSI Vortex Mini Gaming Tower

    Take your PC gaming to a whole new level with the MSI Vortex mini gaming tower. Standing at a mere 10.5 inches and weighing just 8.8 lbs, it’s powered by up to a 4.0GHz Intel Core i7-6700K, 64GB DDR4 RAM, and dual NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 graphics cards.

  • The World’s Thinnest Laptop

    The World’s Thinnest Laptop

    With the title of world’s thinnest laptop, the HP Spectre is the epitome of performance and portability. Although its ultra sleek frame is only .41 inches thick, it features specs like a 256GB solid state hard drive, a powerful Intel i7 processor, and a full HD display.

  • Streaming Wireless HDMI Device

    Streaming Wireless HDMI Device

    Ensure your presentation goes off without a hitch by displaying it using this wireless HDMI device. Rather than deal with cables and connectivity issues, this device allows you to share your screen wirelessly with very low latency.

  • HP Omen X Gaming PC

    HP Omen X Gaming PC

    The HP Omen X gaming PC is the VR-ready rig that’ll handle any AAA game you throw its way. It features a GeForce GTX 1080, quad storage bays, a liquid cooling system, and a fully upgradable tri-chamber case that’ll satisfy any future performance demands.

  • Iron Man Hand USB Drive

    Iron Man Hand USB Drive

    Get Tony Stark to lend you a hand in saving all your important documents by storing them in the Iron Man hand USB drive. Developed in Stark Laboratories, the USB drives are not only reliable but let you carry a small piece of the famed Avenger wherever you go.

  • Motorized Stand Sit Computer Desk

    Motorized Stand/Sit Computer Desk

    Sitting all day has been scientifically proven to be a silent killer. With this high quality GeekDesk in your office you’ll be able to instantly alternate between sitting and standing with just the push of a button – allowing you to improve your health and productivity.

  • World’s Most Advanced Gaming Mouse

    World’s Most Advanced Gaming Mouse

    Interact with your PC in a faster and more precise way using the world’s most advanced gaming mouse. The intuitive design allows you to assign any action or modifier to specialized tilt and pivoting movements for a more responsive gaming experience.

  • The Wolfe External GPU

    The Wolfe External GPU

    Transform your laptop into a top-notch gaming PC using the Wolfe external GPU. It contains a powerful NVIDIA GTX 970 GPU delivers a peak computing power of 3.49 TeraFLOPS so your laptop can handle anything from VR to AAA games.

  • Waterproof And Fireproof Hard Drive

    Waterproof And Fireproof Hard Drive

    Ensure valuable data remains intact in the event of a catastrophe by storing it inside this waterproof and fireproof hard drive. It features a speedy USB 3.0 interface, runs silently, and is practically indestructible – making this an ideal place to store your data.

  • Walnut MacBook Cover

    Walnut MacBook Cover

    Protect your pricey laptop from scratches while giving it a distinguished look using this walnut MacBook cover. It’s handmade in the good ol’ U.S. of A. and is made from .3 mm thick high quality walnut ideal for creating a low-key and elegant look.

  • Biodegradable Thumb Drives

    Biodegradable Thumb Drives

    Mother earth will be thanking you profusely when you begin sharing data with others using the biodegradable thumb drives. These thumb drives come in sets of four and can each be detached from the cardboard frame whenever you need to share information on the go.

  • Circuit Board Masking Tape

    Circuit Board Masking Tape

    Give your wrapped gifts or DIY projects a geeky twist with this circuit board masking tape. This sixty-six foot long roll measures one inch wide and comes accented with gold and grey metallic elements that create a realistic circuit board appearance.