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  • Steampunk Skeleton Bodysuit

    Steampunk Skeleton Bodysuit

    Transform yourself into a futuristic cyborg by slipping into this amazing steampunk skeleton bodysuit. Available in sizes ranging from extra small to double extra large, it’s handmade from polyester and elastane to ensure a flexible and comfortable fit.

  • Shazam Adult Costume

    Shazam Adult Costume

    Unleash the superhero inside of you by transforming yourself into Shazam with this colorful adult costume. Available in various sizes, the costume includes the cape, bodysuit, boot covers, belt, and arm guards – incredible super-human abilities sold separately.

  • Skeletor Costume

    Skeletor Costume

    Show up to the party in this amazing Skeletor costume and you’ll be a shoe-in for first prize at the costume contest. This hand-made ensemble comes ready to wear and was the 2018 winner of the Chicago Wizard World Costume Contest.

  • Snorlax Cosplay Costume

    Snorlax Cosplay Costume

    Make a big splash at the next convention you attend by dressing up as the larger-than-life Snorlax. With these digital patterns and a little bit of work, you’ll be able to fashion yourself or your kid an eye-catching Snorlax costume.

  • Kratos God Of War Cosplay Costume

    Kratos God Of War Cosplay Costume

    Strike fear into the hearts of others by transforming yourself into the Ghost of Sparta with this Kratos cosplay costume. This expertly handmade costume includes everything from a leather pauldron to shin guards and is tailored to your exact measurements.

  • 4-Legged Stilt Spirit Costume

    4-Legged Stilt Spirit Costume

    Strike terror into the hearts of trick-or-treaters everywhere by walking the streets in your very own 4-legged Stilt Spirit costume. This premium tutorial will provide you with helpful instructions so that you can make your own terrifying ensemble at home.

  • Donald Trump Dog Costume

    Donald Trump Dog Costume

    No matter what side of the political spectrum you find yourself on, everyone will agree this Donald Trump dog costume will make your pooch great again. Your furry friend will look simply dashing in his totally natural looking blonde toupe and American flag tie.

  • Master Chief Armored Suit

    Master Chief Armored Suit

    Become the living embodiment of Master Chief by dressing up in this incredibly detailed armored suit. It’s masterfully crafted and features a sturdy aluminum alloy frame and hardened PU and ABS plastic that keep it light to facilitate movement.

  • Squirtle Pet Costume

    Squirtle Pet Costume

    Turn your little furry friend into a real Pokemon with this adorable Squirtle costume designed for puppies & kitties, or just small pets. It’ll help keep them warm with this tailor made costume during the cold winter season.

  • Star Wars Bantha Dog Costume

    Star Wars Bantha Dog Costume

    Even though the Shetland Sheepdog wearing this Bantha dog costume looks paralyzed with fear and has his tail planted so firmly between his legs it’s probably corking his bunghole, I’m pretty sure he likes it. Right, Gingerbread? Yeah. It’s taking every fiber of his canine being not to start barking and running in circles of joy at the great honor of carting.. Read More

  • White Walker One-Piece Costume

    White Walker One-Piece Costume

    Terrify everyone by looking like you just strolled in from the Land of Always Winter by dressing up in this White Walker one-piece costume. The suit comes emblazoned with a haunting White Walker skeleton image and is made from four-way stretch Italian Lycra.

  • Dog Tarantula Costume

    Dog Tarantula Costume

    Transform your friendly canine into a monstrous arachnid by dressing him up in this dog tarantula costume. Designed for medium to large dogs, it’s lightweight and expertly decorated to look like a freakishly enormous eight legged tarantula.