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  • Pokemon Machoke Mask

    Pokemon Machoke Mask

    Bring your favorite fighting-type Pokemon to life by topping off your Pokemon cosplay using this custom Machoke mask. The mask is skillfully handmade from a combination of polyurethane resin and latex for a more comfortable fit.

  • Overwatch Genji Costume

    Overwatch Genji Costume

    Bring your favorite video game character to life by getting yourself into this custom made Overwatch Genji costume. This handmade LED strip accented getup covers you from head to toe – badass technologically-advanced katana not included.

  • Fallout 4 T60 Power Armor

    Fallout 4 T60 Power Armor

    Take Comic-Con by storm by showing up in this incredible Fallout 4 T60 power armor. This eye-catching getup is hand made from a combination of PVC plastic and resin to your specific measurements to ensure a perfect fit.

  • Uruk Hai Berserker Cosplay

    Uruk Hai Berserker Cosplay

    Strike fear in the eyes of everyone at the convention by showing up in this Uruk Hai Berserker cosplay. This high quality latex and foam costume transforms you from head to toe into one of the most feared warriors in all of Middle-earth.

  • Inflatable Jurassic World Costumes

    Inflatable Jurassic World Costumes

    Transform yourself into a ferocious pre-historic beast with one of these inflatable Jurassic World costumes. Available in models like a velociraptor, a pteranodon, and a triceratops, each costume comes with a small on-board battery operated fan that keeps it inflated.

  • Wild Knight Dog Armor

    Wild Knight Dog Armor

    Your canine ca-knight in shining armor has arrived! With one caveat: Lebovskiart, the Bulgarian designer of the shining armor, reports that his dog “does not like very much these strange clothes.” But for him at least, “it is big fun indeed!” Cosplayers, halloween enthusiasts, and people who just like dressing up their dogs will probably agree. You can get in on the.. Read More

  • The Price Is Right Halloween Costumes

    The Price Is Right Halloween Costumes

    If you want to snag top prize for funniest costume then come on down and strut your stuff in these “The Price Is Right” Halloween costumes. These simple yet genius costumes transform you and your partner into a pair of enthused and very lucky game show contestants.

  • Lion Cat Hat

    Lion Cat Hat

    Transform your harmless little feline into a fierce and intimidating king of the jungle with this lion cat hat. As long as you insist on dressing up your cat with things he’ll despise, at least make it worth his suffering by choosing this ferocious hat.

  • The Dog Umbrella

    The Dog Umbrella

    If you’re tired of walking your dog in the rain and returning home with your pupper soaking wet, then you need this dog umbrella. The dog umbrella is a see through umbrella that also works as a leash, keeping your dog in your control and out of the rain.

  • Dog Panda Costume

    Dog Panda Costume

    Turn your four legged friend into the cutest looking panda in town by slipping him into this adorable dog costume. Intended for small breeds, it fits over your pooch’s two front legs – transforming him into an adorable and cuddly stuffed panda bear.

  • Dog Pants

    Dog Pants

    Keep your furry friend clean when venturing outdoors by placing these versatile and fashionable dog pants on him. Available in multiple sizes, these waterproof pants are designed to keep your doggy from getting too filthy when running in the great outdoors.

  • LED Suits

    LED Suits

    Leave your audience begging for an encore by blowing their minds while wearing these LED suits. These high quality suits feature a centralized computer control that lets you synchronize lighting effects to musical compositions to create stunning visuals.