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  • Cannabis Infused Beverages

    Cannabis Infused Beverages

    Experience a high unlike any other by sipping your Mary Jane in the form of these cannabis infused beverages. These legal drinks contain a combination of fresh fruit juice and locally grown cannabis extract to produce a fruity drink that gives you a relaxing high.

  • Bacon Caramel Brownies

    Bacon Caramel Brownies

    Experience heaven on earth by biting into one of the delectable caramel bacon brownies. Each gooey and chocolaty brownie comes bathed in a thick coat of caramel and is then topped off with crispy fried bacon bits.

  • GoStak Twist n' Lock Storage Jars

    GoStak Twist n’ Lock Storage Jars

    The makers of the BlenderBottle protein shake shaker also have a way for obsessive athletes, bodybuilders, and dieters to portion out and schlep along their supplements and dry edibles. GoStaks are towers of individual cylindrical containers that screw together for easy transport in a bag, cup holder, or even inside an empty BlenderBottle. Carry powders, vitamins, the 11 almonds you’re allowed as.. Read More

  • Hydrapak Stash Water Bottle

    Hydrapak Stash Water Bottle

    Little punk water bottle. Thinking you can kick back and spread out all over the place. Like you got a first class ticket to ride in my pack. I’ve got news for you…you…you self-entitled piece of BPA-free plastic: you’re going down. From 12″ to 2″ with a mere twist and a smash. The 750ml Stash Bottle from Hydrapak collapses easily.. Read More

  • Dutch Lab Cold Drip Coffee Brewers

    Dutch Lab Cold Drip Coffee Brewers

    Two things I don’t know are what Dutch coffee even is and how to make even a cup of regular old coffee in the regular old coffee maker in our staff kitchenette (in fact, an office-wide vote has forbidden me from touching it). But one thing I do know is I sure would like to have one of Dutch Lab’s.. Read More

  • BevPod Slim Cooler

    BevPod Slim Cooler

    Start with a Beer Briefcase. Add some ice. And take away the sense that it should be handcuffed to your wrist. There you’ll have the BevPod, an ultra-slim cooler capable of chilling up to 10 cans or 6 bottles in a fraction of the space a standard hand-carry cooler would consume. BevPod’s expertly calculated design condenses this cooler to a mere.. Read More

  • Star Wars Wine Stoppers & Lightsaber Cheese Knives

    Star Wars Wine Stoppers & Lightsaber Cheese Knives

    Happy Star Wars Day! May the 4th be with you. And, thanks to Zeitgass’ Dark Side metal stoppers and lightsaber knives, also with your fine 2004 Cabernet Franc and stinky goaty hunk of barnyard cheese. Celebrate the geekiest holiday of the year, celebrate the forthcoming release of The Force Awakens, celebrate all the tacos and tequila you’re going to consume tomorrow.. Read More

  • Orbit1 Electroplater - Coat Anything in Metal

    Orbit1 Electroplater – Coat Anything in Metal

    The Midas Touch: now available for as little as $2 per gram. 3D printing is still cool and all, but in technology years it’s getting to be an old man. Between hobbyists being able to print their trinkets on desktop models and car manufacturers being able to print entire cars, Orbit1 figured we were ready for the next stage in.. Read More

  • NES Cartridge Flasks

    NES Cartridge Flasks

    Want some pixelated vodka? An 8-bit .08 BAC? With these NES cartridge flasks nostalgic favorites like Super Mario Bros., Duck Hunt, and Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! become portals not only to good time gaming marathons on Saturday night, but also wicked hangovers on Sunday morning. These 4.25-ounce flasks are built to the precise specifications of Nintendo cartridges, right down to the labels, which are modified.. Read More

  • MIITO Heating Rod & Kettle Alternative

    MIITO Heating Rod & Kettle Alternative

    MIITO is kind of like a magic wand that commands the elements. I mean, as long as the elements you want to command are liquid, and your command to them is to boil. An eco-friendly alternative to the kettle, MIITO combines a metal rod with an induction base to boil a variety of liquids right in the vessel you’re using.. Read More

  • Beer Bottle Stein Lid

    Beer Bottle Stein Lid

    With hats off and bottles raised we say Prost! And I’m not talking about the hats on our own heads, but those covering the heads of our beers. These stein lids have been shrunken down and noveltied up to fit over the tops of most beer bottles. The swell party favors or beer lover gifts are made of pewter and stand.. Read More

  • riple Beverage Dispenser Backpack

    riple Beverage Dispenser Backpack

    Oh, yeah, butt munch? There’s a party in your pants and everybody’s coming? Well there’s a party on my back and…and…everybody’s getting free refills of beer and margaritas while I carry this hot ass beverage dispenser backpack around! Suck it, summer heat! Even if it’s hotter than balls out you’ll be too drunk to notice thanks to this triple threat.. Read More