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  • Waterproof Charging Backpack

    Waterproof Charging Backpack

    This waterproof charging backpack is the rugged outdoor pack for the new millennium. This stylish pack features a 100% air and waterproof design and comes with a built-in USB-C and regular USB outlet that will easily charge all your electronic devices.

  • Diveroid All-In-One Diving Device

    Diveroid All-In-One Diving Device

    Diveroid is the all-in-one diving device that will transform your smartphone into your very own dive computer. This ultra-handy device will not only function as a dive computer, but also as a logbook and an underwater camera ideal for documenting your dives.

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    The Phone Grip That Doesn’t Suck

    Make accidental phone drops a thing of the past with the phone grip that doesn’t suck. With a simple press of your finger, this impossibly thin grip creates a “U” shape to form a loop through which to place your finger. It also features a magnetic backing for added convenience.

  • Instant Translator & Global WiFi Hotspot

    Instant Translator & Global WiFi Hotspot

    Next your your passport and cash, this instant translator and global WiFi hotspot is something you’ll always want to have with you. It provides quick two-way translation so that you can communicate with the locals while also offering a stable connection for up to 5 devices.

  • Sony VAIO SX12 Laptop

    Sony VAIO SX12 Laptop

    Don’t let productivity suffer when you’re on-the-go. At just under 2-lbs, the Sony VAIO SX12 laptop delivers ultra-portability without comprise. It boasts 8th generation processors, SSD storage, and loads of ports like 2 USB 3.0 ports, a VGA port, and an Ethernet jack.

  • Mini Cleaver Fixed Blade Knife

    Mini Cleaver Fixed Blade Knife

    Whether you’re at the job site or on the trail, this mini cleaver fixed blade knife is a must-have for your utility belt. It sports a machined aluminum handle that provides an excellent grip and comes with a multi-mount sheath that can be oriented in two positions.

  • Dual & Triple Screen Portable Monitor

    Dual & Triple Screen Portable Monitor

    Boost your productivity and multi-task like never before by upgrading to TRIO – the dual and triple screen portable monitor. Compatible with Mac, Linux, Windows, Chrome, and Android, the screens set up in a snap and are available in two different size options.

  • Garmin Overlander GPS

    Garmin Overlander GPS

    If you’re heading into the great unknown, ensure you don’t get lost by outfitting your ride with the Garmin Overlander GPS. It boasts a 7″ color touschreen and comes preloaded with overlanded points of interest so you don’t need a cell signal to find the best campsites.

  • Kube Speaker And Cooler

    Kube Speaker And Cooler

    Lighten your load without skipping a beat by upgrading to the versatile Kube speaker and cooler. Apart from keeping your contents chilled, this multi-functional cooler comes with Wi-Fi and a built-in speaker with a 50-hour battery life to ensure the party goes on all day long.

  • RGB Battlestation Gaming Desk

    RGB Battlestation Gaming Desk

    Give your gaming nook an other-worldly glow by upgrading to the RGB Battlestation gaming desk. This height-adjustable desk features a full mousepad surface and is accented by a lighting strip that you can customize to virtually any color imaginable.

  • 1TB MicroSD Card

    1TB MicroSD Card

    Take your smartphone’s storage capacity to the next level with this 1TB microSD from SanDisk. This waterproof, shockproof, and x-ray proof card has an insane storage capacity and boasts read speeds of 90 MB/s and write speeds of 60MB/s.

  • Reusable Airtight Plastic Bags

    Reusable Airtight Plastic Bags

    Ensure your valuables survive your next camping trip by placing them inside these reusable airtight plastic bags. The bags feature a leak-proof seal and a transparent design that allows you to easily see what’s inside – making them ideal for storing food, gear, or electronics.