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  • World’s Toughest & Fastest SD Card

    World’s Toughest & Fastest SD Card

    Dirt, water, and drops are no match for the TOUGH SF-G Series SD cards from Sony. It features a unique one-piece monolithic design that makes them 18 times stronger than traditional SD cards making them ideal for those who love action and adventure.

  • The Ultimate Portable Power Bank

    The Ultimate Portable Power Bank

    When you’re on-the-move there’s no better option than the Sherpa 100 AC power bank from Goal Zero. This 25,600 mAh airline approved power station features a 100wh AC power outlet, wireless charging, an OLED display, and 2.4A USB ports.

  • Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip

    Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip

    Control your electronics from virtually anywhere by plugging them into the Kasa smart Wi-Fi power strip. It comes with six independently controlled smart outlets and three built-in USB ports so that you can control and monitor the electrical output of each device.

  • 2C3D Tactile Camera for the Blind

    2C3D Tactile Camera for the Blind

    2C3D is a concept tactile camera created for the blind community. Or, as the unfortunate translation on the 2C3D webpage says, it’s “a camera that enables the blinds to see.” Industrial designer Oren Geva built the 2C3D, sort of ingeniously, as a cross between a point-and-shoot camera and a pin art toy. When the lens captures an image, it presses the.. Read More

  • oPhone - Scent-Based Mobile Messaging

    oPhone – Scent-Based Mobile Messaging

    oPhone and its app oSnap believe them when they say some of the strongest memories we have are those we associate with scents. That around 90% of tasting is smelling. That odors elicit emotions in a way that sights and sounds cannot. When I think of this rat that once died in my mama’s kitchen cupboard that we didn’t find.. Read More

  • PicoPro Pocket Projector

    PicoPro Pocket Projector

    They say it’s a pocket-sized movie theater, but I bet Celluon’s PicoPro projector will mostly be relegated to boring applications like office presentations and impromptu TED talks at Palo Alto Starbucks stores. If I got my hands on a mobile projector capable of infinite focus and laser HD images I would use it for entertainment only, such as to play Saw for.. Read More

  • Robot USB Hub

    Robot USB Hub

    Now that your 11-year-old has an iPhone 6s, an iPod Nano, and an iPad Mini, better get him a few more USB charging ports than his 15″ MacBook Pro with Retina Display provides. Hey, how about this Robot USB Hub, which at least loosely resembles something an 11-year-old should own? (I hear 20-, 30-, and 40-something geeks like it too.).. Read More

  • City Map Wooden iPhone Cases

    City Map Wooden iPhone Cases

    CutMaps brings hometown pride, or dreams of greener pastures, to your cellphone. The Virginia-based design shop laser cuts city maps into pieces of cherry wood to form the backings for iPhone 5, 6, and 6 Plus cases. At printing CutMaps was engraving covers only for iPhone. They have 15 US cities, ranging from Atlanta to San Francisco to Washington DC,.. Read More

  • Roku Streaming USB Stick

    Roku Streaming USB Stick

    Enjoy over 2000 channels of entertainment right at your fingertips using this Roku streaming USB stick. It streams in stunning high definition quality from services like Netflix, YouTube, and even HBO so you can immerse yourself in the action.

  • The Floating Smartphone

    The Floating Smartphone

    Enjoy a worry free day out on the water with the world’s first floating smartphone. This Android powered phone boasts a powerful processor, sleek design, and is completely buoyant so you never again have to worry about losing your phone in a deep body of water.

  • GameBoy iPhone Case

    GameBoy iPhone Case

    This novelty iPhone case is a tribute to the greatest portable gaming device ever, so it’s no coincidence that the GameBoy iPhone case may just be the greatest iPhone case ever. Share the Nintendo love by giving this iPhone case to a fellow gamer.

  • Heat Sensitive iPhone Backing

    Heat Sensitive iPhone Backing

    Watch your iPhone change colors with just the touch of your hand, pocket or anything else with heat that might come in contact with this heat sensitive iPhone cover. Now whenever someone grabs your phone they will literally be caught red handed.