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  • The Shark Wine Glass

    The Shark Wine Glass

    The shark wine glass will be the perfect gift for the shark loving vino aficionado in your life. The creative design of this handmade 22-ounce glass creates the illusion that a pint-size glass shark is swimming around in your glass of wine.

  • Cigar Holding Glass

    Cigar Holding Glass

    Avoid having to put down your stogie every time you want to wet your whistle by drinking out of this cigar holding glass. This home bar must-have is ergonomically designed to securely hold your favorite cigar in place.

  • The Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass

    The Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass

    Finally, a wine glass that fits your needs! The ultimate wine bottle glass is perfect for the wine snob in your life – even if it’s yourself. This must-have accessory is large enough to hold an entire 750mL bottle of wine – or just one serving *wink wink*.

  • Half Pint Beer Glass

    Half Pint Beer Glass

    No self respecting beer lover’s home bar would be complete without a few of these half pint beer glasses. It can hold up to 8.4 ounces and features a long slender design that will make them a sure-fire conversation piece with all your drinking buddies.

  • Duo All Purpose Cocktail Glass

    Duo All Purpose Cocktail Glass

    If you’re a serious drinker, the duo all purpose cocktail glass is a must-have! This hand-blown glass comes with subtle 1 ounce indicators for easy measuring, a rounded interior designed for 2″ ice balls, and a double walled design that eliminates the need for coasters.

  • The Oregon Pint Glass

    The Oregon Pint Glass

    I’m not much of an outdoorsman. I mean, aside from the occasional paintball fight and walking to the bus stop. So being at the top of a mountain doesn’t really appeal to me. But having the top of a mountain in the bottom of my pint glass? Oh hell yeah. I’ll climb, conquer, and stake my flag in that shit.. Read More

  • Wingman Shot Glass

    Wingman Shot Glass

    Just in time for St. Paddy’s Day: super hot girls getting super drunk on shots! And also a swell and enabling 2-person shot glass to prod them along. Ahhh, ain’t nothing like a holiday, alcohol, and teamwork to send a little the luck o’ the Irish my way. The Wingman is a mini shotski and giant invitation for friends, lovers,.. Read More

  • Beast Head Shot Glasses

    Beast Head Shot Glasses

    Try some hair of the dog from the head of the bear. Become strong like bull with shot from bull. Take off the sheep’s clothing with 1.7 ounces of 151 straight from the wolf. Look into the eye of the tiger as it sends the juice of the agave down the hatch of the mouth. Be like the rhino and…um…I.. Read More

  • Planetary Glass Set

    Planetary Glass Set

    On top of their sweet swirly interpretations of what our solar system would look like if it were made of heat-wrapped glass and sized for juice drinking and candle burning, two things are cool about ThinkGeek’s Planetary Glass set: 1) It includes the sun and Pluto; and 2) The sun glass is bigger than the other planets and the Pluto.. Read More

  • BenShot Bullet Shot Glass

    BenShot Bullet Shot Glass

    Shot through the glass / And you’re to blame / Guess I’m lucky you / Got bad aim (bad aim). And I’m even luckier my glass appears to be bulletproof. BenShot hand-sculpts all of these bullet-impaled shot glasses (and rocks glasses too) in their Wisconsin studio. When the glass hits temperatures of 1,000+ degrees F it becomes malleable, at which.. Read More

  • Leather Pint Glass Sleeve with Handle

    Leather Pint Glass Sleeve with Handle

    Hide & Drink hand makes these nifty leather pint glass sleeves (with handles!) for sophisticated beer drinkers and sloppy drunks alike. Instead of chilling your hand and warming your beer with direct skin-to-glass contact, use a full-grain koozie upgrade to keep sips comfy, tasty, and fit for a Restoration Hardware catalogue. Hide & Drink smiths pint glass sleeves from 100%.. Read More

  • Outdoor Wine Glass Holder

    Outdoor Wine Glass Holder

    Maybe you don’t need outdoor wine glass holders for yourself. I don’t. I need outdoor wine glass holders for my girlfriend. So that when we go to see a summer movie in the park on romantic date night she doesn’t tip her over her Chardonnay and spill it all across our blanket after sip #3, forcing us to spend the.. Read More