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  • Beats Solo Pro Headphones

    Beats Solo Pro Headphones

    Immerse yourself completely in your music with the Beats Solo Pro headphones. These high-end headphones feature active noise cancelling to block out external noise and boast an advanced acoustic system that will deliver rich sound with balanced tonality.

  • MW60 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

    MW60 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

    If you consider rich high fidelity audio important, the MW60 wireless over-ear headphones were made for you. These technically sophisticated headphones provide rich warm sound while offering the perfect balance of aesthetics, strength, and comfort.

  • In-Ear & Over-Ear Headphones

    In-Ear & Over-Ear Headphones

    Everyone’s hearing is as unique as their fingerprint. These Nura in-ear and over-ear headphones integrate soundwave technology to automatically measure your hearing and adapt your music perfectly – delivering the crispest sound possible.

  • SwageU Bluetooth Headphones

    SwageU Bluetooth Headphones

    Rokit Boost adds the SwageU Bluetooth Headphones to their line of Swage ear gear (those who prefer the round to the oblong look can also check out the Swage Sports.) Lightweight with magnetic earbuds that release from/connect back to the base for easy wearing, the SwageUs connect via Bluetooth 4.0 to any compatible music device and function up to 30 feet.. Read More

  • Bose QuietComfort 25 Headphones

    Bose QuietComfort 25 Headphones

    My friend Ronnie has some of these Bose noise-canceling headphones. He says their QuietComfort power and stamina hold up flawlessly to crying babies on airplanes and log-sawing bedmates and especially visits from his parents. His mama and papa are loud talkers and also watch TV all day long at death metal concert volumes, so whenever they come over he just.. Read More

  • Sleeping Band Headphones

    Sleeping Band Headphones

    Doze off to a soothing soundtrack every night by going to bed wearing these sleeping band headphones. This Bluetooth enabled headband features a battery life of 13 hours, a wireless range of 15-30 feet, and is available in two equally soft and comfortable types of fabric.

  • Star Wars Headphones

    Star Wars Headphones

    Who from a galaxy far, far away best represents your tastes in jams? In this corner, it’s me, Vader, and Ariana Grande, all minxy and Sith-like, for sure. But if you’re more Taylor Swift pure, committed to doing what’s right and using the Force of legs that don’t stop ’til next Tuesday, maybe the Rebel Alliance version of STREET by.. Read More

  • Helix Wrist Cuff with Bluetooth Headphones

    Helix Wrist Cuff with Bluetooth Headphones

    If you’re tired of wearables telling you how out of shape, under-hydrated, and sleep-deprived you are, one good thing about Helix is that it doesn’t even know how to be that judgmental. Though this wrist cuff technically falls into the category of wearable tech, it’s mostly a novel and more stylish way to carry something you’ve already been using for.. Read More

  • TREKZ Titanium Bone Conduction Headphones

    TREKZ Titanium Bone Conduction Headphones

    Running with earbuds sucks mostly because it means I’m running, and running is hard and unpleasant. But it also sucks because as I sweat my earbuds either start slipping out of my ears, or they stay in place and trap sweat droplets inside my canals, where they slosh around and goo up my earwax. And apparently, in addition to my.. Read More

  • iSINE Planar Magnetic Headphones

    iSINE Planar Magnetic Headphones

    The “A” isn’t for “Arachnid” or “Alien,” it’s for “Audeze.” Creator of the forthcoming iSINE 10 planar magnetic headphones. Their webby design and hexagonal shape are definitely, uh, eye-catching. But are these Apple-device-exclusive sound conduits ear-catching too? Early iSINE reviews are pretty good, and the tech Audeze has poured into the headphones sure sounds, at least in the figurative sense,.. Read More

  • Muzik One - The Smartphone of Headphones

    Muzik One – The Smartphone of Headphones

    Been thinking about slapping a coupla smartphones to your ears to enhance your listening experience? Muzik One just stole your idea. The so-called Smartphone of Headphones combine high-fidelity, noise-cancelling playback with an HD wireless Bluetooth connection and range of user-programmable options for playing, sharing, and controlling music services. Muzik One headphones have wired and wireless options in the same unit,.. Read More

  • Aumeo - Personalize the Sound of Your Headphones

    Aumeo – Personalize the Sound of Your Headphones

    Plug in your existing headphones to the Aumeo module and customize their output to suit your own ears’ preferred input. Aumeo gives you the ability to tweak your audio until it syncs with your individual hearing sensitivity, and sounds–and feels–the most golden to you. Aumeo personalizes every one of your listening experiences. Kind of like a Hushme voice mask for your ears... Read More