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  • Robotic Stress Reliever And Sleep Aid

    Robotic Stress Reliever And Sleep Aid

    Sleep as sound as a newborn by going to bed with this robotic stress reliever and sleep aid. This revolutionary device will stimulate your breathing rhythm in order to help your body relax, thereby helping you fall asleep quicker, sleep longer, and wake up more refreshed.

  • Weighted Clothes That Get You In Shape

    Weighted Clothes That Get You In Shape

    How would you like to become faster and stronger, at the snap of your fingers? With weighted clothes, you can train all day, week, and even month-long all while doing normal, everyday tasks. The competition won’t even know what happened.

  • Garmin Venu Smartwatch

    Garmin Venu Smartwatch

    Improve your everyday life with the Garmin Venu smartwatch. With this handy little smartwatch you’ll not only stay connected but be able to monitor your sleep, track stress levels and vitals like your respiration and your heart rate.

  • SmartHalo Cycling Computer

    SmartHalo Cycling Computer

    Effortlessly find your way around the city by outfitting your trusty bike with the SmartHalo cycling computer. It features a clean minimalist design that provides turn-by-turn navigation through the use of an intuitive halo of light that guides you in the direction you need to go.

  • Over-The-Door Neck Stretcher

    Over-The-Door Neck Stretcher

    Forget the chiropractor and relieve bodily pain yourself using the over-the-door neck stretcher. This portable device features a durable metallic design, can be easily adjusted, and is great for treating all kinds of neck, back, and shoulder discomfort.

  • The World’s Most Elegant Water Bottle

    The World’s Most Elegant Water Bottle

    Hashy is the reusable insulated stainless steel water bottle. Inspired by premium perfume bottles, it is elegantly designed to keep you hydrated all day, keeping beverages hot or cold for hours thanks to its vacuum insulation.

  • Surface & Air Purifying Disinfecting Spray

    Surface & Air Purifying Disinfecting Spray

    Minimize the chance of ruining your big trip with a cold by keeping this surface and air purifying disinfecting spray handy. This TSA-approved travel accessory is made from organic essential oils that have been shown to eliminate over 99.99% of surface bacteria.

  • Ko-Axis Rail Pen

    Ko-Axis Rail Pen

    Experience unparalleled comfort while writing by swapping your plain pen for the Ko-Axis Rail Pen. The flat rectangular shape and rounded edges of this unique writing utensil provide a greater surface area than cylindrical pens – resulting in a more ergonomic feel.

  • Jogging Stroller

    Jogging Stroller

    Don’t let Jr. get in the way of your active lifestyle – instead take him along for the ride using the jogging stroller. The functional design features a comfortable hip strap that you wear to pull the stroller without creating a bumpy ride for your offspring.

  • Portable Pullup & Dip Bar

    Portable Pullup & Dip Bar

    Transform any scenic spot at the park into your own personal gym with this portable pull-up and dip bar. This versatile piece can either be mounted onto a wall or tied to the trunk of a tree in order to provide you with a sturdy pull-up bar or a stable dip station.

  • KettlebellConnect Smart Kettlebell

    KettlebellConnect Smart Kettlebell

    Perform an effective and exhilarating workout without requiring a mountain of equipment by grabbing a hold of the KettlebellConnect smart kettlebell. This high-tech kettlebell allows you to effortlessly alter its weight between 12 and 43 pounds in under 3 seconds!

  • Fitbit Versa Fitness Smart Watch

    Fitbit Versa Fitness Smart Watch

    Staying on top of your health will be more convenient than ever when you strap on the Fitbit Versa fitness smart watch. It effortlessly tracks all of your daily activity, your sleeping patterns, and connects to your smartphone so you can make calls and stream music.